Sunday, 7 March 2010

TFE's Poetry Bus: Everybodies Gotta Have A Train Song...

OK, so the bus has left us all waiting at the station this week and its time to bring in a few other influences for the journey, hence the title which a certain Irish group will probably recognise - and because they're so fecking brilliant I've posted a video of the song of the same name below (hope you don't mind guys):

Moving on now I was in too minds as to whether to post my own effort, because I wrote these lyrics the other day and, frankly, I'm not entirely pleased with them. It's a kinda Bob Dylany/Travelling Wilbury kinda thing with much work needed on the lyrics, but here goes anyway:

Back On The Train

I'm a cynical mind in an untamed world
But we're going for a ride, yeah me and my girl
Gonna shout, every victory, that I claim
When you see me coming you will know my name
Cos I've spent too long going slowly insane
Now it's time, to get back, on the train

Though I had lost it for a while
But giving up, just ain't my style
So I'll jsut wait and play it cool
If you think I'm beaten you're the fool

You can leave indescision, at the gate
My destiny's coming and I've fixed my date
I've made bad connections, down the line
But I've no more regrets, cos I ain't got time


This is something I have to get off my chest before I throw my TV out of the window.

Things That Have Annoyed Me This Week: #1 - Constant Adverts For Disney's(R) Alice In Wonderland

I don't care
how much you've changed
the plot
It's not


the watercats said...

Ahhh.. jeezz!!... *the blushing.. the blushing!!! lol! That was our first live thing and we were crapping ourselves.. oh the heady days of virgin performance :-)
Cheers for the plug mush, dead chuffed!
I really like the vibe in your train song, definitely more of a wilbury sort of thing (can hear tom petty singing it).. that's a fantastic last line for a song.. in fact that whole last verse is a killer :-D


and DIsney own the world and everything in it... even a section of your soul! (you know the little bit that starts welling up when you remember the song,feed the birds, in mary poppins...)

Totalfeckineejit said...

The Cats are cool and that's some deadly lyrics you've written there.Would love to hear the finished song!

Argent said...

Yeah, we wanna hear it now!!!! Those lyrics deserve to be heard.

Karen said...

Thanks for the show! Great music here, and I'd like to hear yours performed, too.

Titus said...

Just a pleasure of a post, on so many levels.
Go, Cats, Go, get yours set to music and I will happily picket EuroDisney with you anytime. I believe we can get there by Eurostar. When it's running.

Niamh B said...

Eurostar - another train! someone surely must have written a poem about going to disney land? Enjoyed your song DFTP, glad you put it up there, will be interesting to hear that one performed too

Pure Fiction said...

Great song - and those lyrics are crying out to be put to music.

Jeanne Iris said...

Great lyrics, DFTP! Isn't it interesting how trucker songs and train songs parallel each other along the highways of life?

Oh Disney...Whatever are we going to do about those folks... Walt must be turning somersaults in his grave.

Don't Feed The Pixies said...

ah those waterycats - i agree that verse 2 is the strongest, but something needs to be done about vs1

TFE - dunno, might go back to it one day.

Argent/Karen - well, we'll see. Not all my lyrics make it as far as music

Titus - the watercats are annoyingly talented and no mistake

Niamb B - no doubt someone has written a poem about disneyland. Hope it's not It's A Small World...

pure fiction - we'll see

Jeanne - that's definately something worth looking into: the mechanics of trucker songs v train songs!

Don't Feed The Pixies said...

PS - how do you think Disney get their ideas? They plug Walt back into the de-frost and get him alert enough to speak and go with whatever he says first

Poetikat said...

I'm with the others; would love to hear the song.
I totally agree on the AIW too.

kanishk said...

that's a fantastic last line for a song.. in fact that whole last verse is a killer
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