Friday, 15 July 2011

The Wisdom Of Others (Next Blog >)

Today I want to offer you the wisdom of others in a number of ways.

Firstly as an experiment over the last few days I've been trying the "next blog>" link in an attempt to find someone who was brand new to blogging and offer them much needed support.  I didn't find anyone who hadn't been posting for at least a couple of years, but what was more saddening was the amount of unique voices who now seem to be silent.

Still - amongst the religious propaganda, blogs about families, blogs trying to sell me things and blogs that had been deleted there were a few gems and I'd like to start by offering you a link to two that caught my eye:

Whos wonderfully obscure fascination with the Number 32 bus routes of the world amused me on several levels

Who may be in a language I don't understand, but surely have the best family photo of all time?

Doing this was an interesting experience for me - there were countries on there that I never imagined blogging and it made me slightly ashamed I had never taken the time to learn about their language so I could interract

The other way I want to offer the wisdom of other is in that the other week, for various reasons, I bought a headset/microphone for my computer and suddenly found myself wondering if it would make a good recording mike.

So to find out, and in the spirit of the fact that this song pretty much sums up how I've been feeling recently, here's a recording.  Some of you might recognise it

Working class hero by Don't Feed The Pixies


Friko said...

I might, if I could hear it.

Actually, I've been clicking on next blog before now too, but it's all family blogs, religious groups and dead blogs.

So, no wisdom there then.

Titus said...

That is such a genius idea! Now I've just got to find the relevant button.

And that is the best family photo of all time. I've got all their characters and imagined a whole life story for them already.

Gorilla Bananas said...

I'm amazed you found anything other than blogs about fashion, knitting or pictures of cats.

English Rider said...

When I get to a computer WITH SOUND I'll check it out. I think I know that song.
I too sometimes go to next blog. A better search is to visit others who have commented on blogs you already visit. That's the expanded family.
It is sad when we lose sight of bloggers we liked.

Michael said...

This is voyeurism (the good kind) and I totally dig it. Makes me wish I had the means to travel too.

Bus 32: I want to go on the bus and see the riders and the route. THAT would worth wasting a few hours over.

Such a happy family! Malaysian?

Argent said...

Next Blog has given me a couple of very good ones to follow, you just have to keep on clicking.

The family photo is really appealing - so full of character. The 32 bus routes one is great too.

The Bug said...

Love the song! I feel fortunate that I never had any ambition so I'm not disappointed with my "career path." On the other hand, I was a little pie-in-the-sky when I was younger - kind of sad to see that romantic get replaced by the cynic who lives here now.

Yes, the greatest family picture EVER.

Don't Feed The Pixies said...

Friko - was this because the link didnt work or you have no sound? See my response to English for the latter. There are a lot of the ones you mention and yet we all seem to have found each other!

Titus - it's great, isn't it? So full of character

GB - there are a lot of fashion, knitting and cat related sites. Nothing necessarily wrong with that :)

English - most computers have a sound card now. If you don't have speakers there should be a headphone socket and a volume option to switch from mute.

Michael - i will definately return to the number 32 route site - there's something very zen about the concept. I just checked the family site and yes, they are Malaysian

Argent - yes. There's a lot of mud to wade through, but its worth it for the gems

Bug - thanks for listening to the song :) I would be a great cynic, but really - what's the point?! (ha ha ha)

Sue J said...

I had a look at the Indonesian blog and they all look very happy. I just downloaded Chrome and it presents a 'Translate' button on the toolbar when a non-English page comes up. Very handy.
The translation into English was a little disjointed, but I got the general meaning of what was written.

Kel said...

ha - a lot of blog voices deserted to easier spaces where they can tweet and bleat without having to put much thought into the process


Don't Feed The Pixies said...

Sue J - i'm not able to upgrade for various reasons right now, so am afraid that there words are forever lost to me :(

Kel - i guess so. Still - whatever floats their boats