Monday, 4 July 2011

Minor Earth, Major Sky

So a while ago I decided I was going to try and do a self portrait.  I'd already done one from a photo of myself playing the guitar and it had turned out vaguely human - so I thought: let's go for it, only this time playing the Saxophone.

The end result of the painting was like a 2 dimensional version of those Morlocks from The Time Machine - and the less said about the Saxophone the better.

So eventually I decided I would paint over it and tried to do a seascape from a Bob Ross DVD with some new Acrylic paints - designed to mix like oil paints.  Only the designer had failed to mention that although they had tried to make them mix like oil paints they had totally failed and what I ended up with was something not dissimilar to the sky in "The Scream"

And then I saw a photo taken from a plane of Mount Hood, posted by Writerquake and thought that it looked like an interesting subject.

So there it is, reproduced in Acrylics on canvas.  Hardly Van Gough (hey, I'd settle for Van Driver) but probably the best I'll get from this canvas as it's now been used three times.

The only problem now is what to do with it.  I have totally run out of wallspace and these days usually only do a painting if I know I can give it away as a present.  Mostly the response to which is a slightly strained smile and a "thank you" between gritted teeth, but then Van Gough never sold any either :)


Titus said...

Wow Pixies, huge congratulations on the perseverence and the actual result! I am now imagining it in the hands of collectors in decades to come, and it having to be X-rayed for authenticity. And everyone thinking, "What the ****?!"
I'm sorry I missed the Morlocks version though.

Lydia said...

The background story of this canvas is so interesting that it wouldn't really matter what its final configuration would be.....except it became this marvelous work of Mount Hood. I really love it! E-mail me your price as I would like to consider purchasing it. If you don't want to sell/ship it, then might I suggest donating for a charitable auction?

Your work on this piece is marvelous.

Don't Feed The Pixies said...

titus - x-raying paintings is certainly the way to go. Wonder what they'll make of it

Lydia - so glad you like it. Email sent with full response x

The Bug said...

I think it's great! And for some reason it reminds me of the setting for a James Bond movie - he's about to appear at any moment on a snow machine with thugs in hot pursuit...

Gorilla Bananas said...

The scene is a little cold for my taste, but I appreciate the fluffiness of the clouds.

Jerry said...

I think you did a fine job even without the help of Bob Ross. Perhaps, if Lydia doesn't purchase it, it could be hung in the bathroom -- a place for silent contemplation.

Truly, it is a fine job.

English Rider said...

I had read the post and seen the photo of which you spoke. I like your rendition, definite fluffiness achieved in those clouds. Nice to hang a story on a painting as well.

Michael said...

Never give up! I've got a few stories that could use a good painting over. Thanks!

Don't Feed The Pixies said...

Bug - yes, definately needs the addition of a double-o agent hotly pursued :)

GB - thanks - i struggled with the clouds, so glad they look fluffy

Jerry - not sure how the steam would affect the paint? Maybe i should do a painting with bathroom paints

English - thanks. Fluffiness is a good thing!

Michael - i had almost got to the point of throwing the canvas out, but glad i didnt now

Friko said...

Do what van Gogh did and pile up your canvases in a corner somewhere.
The minute you're dead somebody will come and discover you and your heirs will be filthy rich.

Argent said...

Saxophone-playing Morlocks! Would LOVE to have seen that! Loving the mash potato clouds too.