Saturday, 1 May 2010

The Lord Of The Ringtones

Sauron is online

Frodo has found an old ring

Gollum likes this

Merry & Pippin are now friends

Gandalf has refused a friend request from Saruman The White

Frodo is going for a walk

Samwise likes this

Pippin is listening to Riders On The Storm

Saruman The White has cultivated five million Orcs on Farmville

Elrond has written on Galadrial's Wall

Aragorn does anyone know a good blacksmith? I just broke my sword.

Merry LOL

Sauron is looking for something that was lost

Samwise has thrown a sheep at Gollum

Gandalf has accepted a friend request from The Owls

Theoden is still hopeful of a promotion to King

Pippin has started talking to the trees

Merry LOL what a nutter!

Sauron daily horoscope: you are a giant floating eye intent on wreaking havoc

Grima is no longer friends with Saruman The White

Samwise says a McD's would go a bomb round here just now

Frodo has destroyed the ring

Sauron is offline

Elrond is leaving Middle Earth


the watercats said...

lol.... I LOVE THIS!.... just.. fecking excellent!
particularly because I've just joined facebook to keep up with my nieces and the homepage looks a bit like this, lol!

English Rider said...

Deliciously twisted! I am convinced that you see the world from a different frame of reference.

pohanginapete said...

What the watercats and English Rider said.

Loved it. :^D

Argent said...

LOL! And again LOL! Loved it! I wonder what other great novels could be re-done this way for a new audience.

The Clandestine Samurai said...

That was cool.
Although, Facebook doesn't write on the wall when people stop being friends or when a friend request is rejected, only when people become friends.

I like how Gollum likes Frodo's status and Sam through a sheep at him! I'm surprised you didn't have Gollum say "Precious........" in his status a bunch of times, lol.

ladyhawthorne said...

This was waaay too good. Thanks for making me laugh!

Found you by clicking 'next blog'.

Don't Feed The Pixies said...

Watercats - glad you enjoyed.

English - maybe that's all being creative is: to look at the everyday things around us and remember how wonderful they are

Pete - thanks

Argent - Pride and Prejudice?? Lord Of The Flies?? The list is endless

Samurai - it's true that i took a liberty with the rejecting friends status and I was tempted to do more with Gollum, but I mean really - if your friends came up to you in life and threw a sheep at you it would be considered social suicide, so why is it ok on facebook?

Ladyhawthorne - thanks for visiting - shall return the favour.