Sunday, 25 April 2010

(Sunday) Monday Poetry Bus With Argent

Well my good friend Argent is hosting the poetry bus tomorrow, but since I will be looking after someone else's job that i don't fully understand and living in constant fear of his wrath when he returns and finds i've screwed up everything he's been putting right for two months - i thought i'd post mine a day early.

Argent asked us to write a poem either about a mad old relative or a time that we've been lost and true to form i haven't really done either. I do, however, have a story and a song that are somewhat relevant.

The story is very brief and revolves around the last time i went abroad alone. It was one of those cheap end-of-season holidays where you have to check out of your hotel at midday but the bus to take you to the airport isn't until 8pm, so you can't go anywhere because you've got thirty bags full of clothes to trawl around with you. So I sat out in the sun and waited...and waited...and waited...and of course the sun made me very sleepy.

So I got on the coach in the end and we started off on the three hour journey back to the airport on the other side of the island - and I kept getting that thing where you are fighting against sleep and your eyes keep closing, then you jerk your head awake and try to stay awake again...

Only because it was one of those tourist islands where everything is designed for people who only come to get drunk or catch the sun everywhere looked exactly the same - so every time i opened my eyes we were still driving down an exactly identical street. I began to get this terrible feeling of Deja Vu, like i was in an episode of The Prisoner and i would never escape, Very odd.

Exciting as that experience may have been we now move on to the second tangentially related topic, which is the song - which is sort of about travelling and being somewhere new...honest...

NB: please forgive that the video is on it's side - this was recorded on my mobile phone and i can't seem to work out which way is "up"

Down That Road

Well my soul is restless and my heart feels cold
And I’m sick and tired of doing what I’m told
I’m still trying to make connections to a life that’s put on hold
And I’d like to have some fun before I’m old

Down that road, down that road
No I won’t be going down that road again
Down that road, down that road
No I won’t be going down that road again

There’s a road to nowhere and the traffic’s slow
Still I’m searching for a better place to go
If it comes to nothing I won’t feel no shame
So long as I have tried there’ll be no blame

I’ve been looking in the mirror till I can’t see what’s ahead
Spent too much of my life lay in my bed
And I may be going nowhere, but there’s so much to be seen
And I’d rather stick with looking for the dream


Argent said...

Yay! Welcome aboard! I deffo recognise that sinking feeling on the coach. Nice to see the song up there too!

Karen said...

Hello, and thanks for the treat! I enjoyed the story (have sort of been there, done that) and the song.

Rachel Fox said...

Good to hear you.

Peter Goulding said...

Yee-haa! On the road to nowhere on the Poetry Bus.
Great rhythm...

Titus said...

Loved the story, enjoyed the song and really liked the sideways picture.
The tune of the verse is shouting in my peripheral aural memory of a song by The Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, off of "Howl". But I can't remember which one, and the CD's gone missing. My home is one great big Lost.

crazyfieldmouse said...

love the song, I read it first and it sounded completely different in my head.
thanks for sharing
crazy field mouse

The Bug said...

I can't watch the video at work :( but I'll check it out at home. Love the lyrics though.

Back in the dark ages (1987) I was headed to Zambia for a year or so & was supposed to land in London for an overnight. But it was January & snowing so we were diverted to Brussels. When we FINALLY were allowed to go to London we landed at the wrong airport so I had to bus over to the right one. I was SO exhausted. It was my first trip outside the US & all I saw of London that time was the inside of my eyelids. Sigh.

Dominic Rivron said...

Enjoyed the song. Stood the laptop on its side to watch!

Don't Feed The Pixies said...

Argent - thanks, more songs to follow in future

Karen - thanks for visiting

Rachel - glad you enjoyed

Peter - it is annoyingly catchy. funny thing is it just developed from a riff i tried

Titus - i hope you find your CD

Crazyfieldmouse - its funny how things don't always sound how you expect

The Bug - coincidentally when we went to america we landed at the wrong airport and had to wait several hours for our friends to come and get us

dominik - like your thinking mate!

The Clandestine Samurai said...

That deja vu experience sounds like something Chuck Palahniuk would put in his novel to warp a plot point to some unfortunate and bizarre end.