Thursday, 8 April 2010


I pull it on
More holes than material
Cover it in shades of yellow
Feel the wind
Feel like Eric Clapton in Cream
The miles fly by

I change
Wear the shirt
Or does the shirt wear me
Crouched over keyboards
Crouched over desks
The hours drag by

Slip into t-shirt
T-shirt and jeans
Watch some repeats
Watch some repeats
So little time to be me


Argent said...

Oooh, is this a new song? It looks like it could be a song. Interesting "cover it with yellow".

Don't Feed The Pixies said...

no - just a feeble attempt at a pome

new song to follow if i can get some chords together

the watercats said...

c.f.and g chords that work every time :-)
loved this.. it stands out on it's own, shivering in a corner of a building somewhere.. so miserable..
the best poems come from misery.. and this one's a corker!