Wednesday, 2 January 2008

The Wide Awake Club
A while ago there was a rumour going around about a new intelligent alarm clock that, when put on "snooze", would instantly go and hide elsewhere in your room, so you had to get up, find a mallet and smash the thing to smithereens.

Having spent the night before returning to work after Christmas lying awake thinking "We mustn't sleep through the alarm clock" we at the Hungry Pixies are glad to bring you Clocky the runaway alarm clock - available via the above link. This alarm will move about and force you to get out of bed in order to silence it, whilst it is robust enough to survive a tumble off the bedside table - but possibly not being fed to the cat in tiny pieces, dropped from a skyscraper or being attached to the business end of a SCUD missile.

It really is amazing what people will think up - but we have to be honest and say that the kind of alarm clock that stays still and goes quiet when you ask it to is the kind for us!

Or the kind that can take into account your level or tiredness, allow you to sleep in accordingly and then provide you with a unique excuse for your boss. Now that's what we call technology!

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