Thursday, 17 January 2008

Rejected Planning Applications #1

Dear Mr Vader

Thank you for your recent application to build a space station in the Alderran system.

The plans are with our board for discussion and will be on public display in the Horseshoe Nebula for 6 months prior to any decision. However, we have a few concerns with regards to your plans.

Firstly we are concerned that for a “shopping centre, sauna, gym and relaxation planet” your base is a little heavily armed. Whilst we appreciate that in these times of unrest it is necessary to protect oneself we feel that the suggested “capacity to neutralise an entire solar system” is a little heavy handed when it comes to ensuring the safety of a leisure base. As such we would politely request that you reconsider the degree of your protection.

Secondly we are a dismayed that you are continuing to refer to the leisure base as a “Death Star” and feel that this may have a negative effect on potential tourism to outlying planets, including our own. We would suggest “Leisure Station” as a possible alternative. Also we would point out that, by referring to your base as a “Star” you are in breach of the trades description act

Finally we would like to inform you that we will be submitting these plans to an independent advisor on Tatooine and request safe passage to that location.

Yours sincerely

HRH Senator Leia Organa

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Honour said...

I'll admit and show my true colours... as I found this VERY entertaining ...