Monday, 4 February 2008

Abandon Hope...

Today i was looking through the menus of my new mobile phone - quite a nice pre camera-phone revolution, no annoying tunes-on-the-bus piece of phone shaped plastic - when i discovered something that i think spells the final end for all humanity.

Amongst all the menus i found several templates for standard replies. Let's face it there are always times when a bit of standard text comes in useful in a hectic life - if you need to text your boss to say that you are running late then the template "I am running late" could well be a life saver. I have no objection to this - we all do it in letters to clients etc - the standard bit that says "if you don't keep up with payments we'll send someone round to break your kneecaps" in extremely small typeface has become an accepted part of modern day life.

However, depressingly, amongst the standard texts was "I love you too".

To tell someone that you love them is to leave yourself open to rejection, to expose your soul in the trust that your love will be returned and the idea that someone, somewhere thinks it is acceptable to have a standard response saved on a phone is just wrong.

If that is really what the world has come to then it's time to take those talking chimps out of the freezer, chuck Charlton Heston into the far distant future and just collapse on a beach somewhere yelling "Damn you all to hell".

I prefer to think that love is still important - more so than ever. Perhaps i am wrong??

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