Monday, 8 October 2012

Where The Muse Takes You (Apologies In Advance)

Sometimes living with a musician was hard, but ever since Malvolio had moved out she had to admit: she had missed him.

She had missed the endless tuning and the twanging of the strings - the late night "hey nonny nonny's" and "fol-de-rols", even the double entendres of the smuttier songs (not fit for playing outside of an alehouse, but popular nonetheless)

The physician smiled politely as he took her temperature, "still, all is not lost" he told her as he glanced at the instrument hanging from the wall, "at least when he left he didn't get away with the lute..."


Berowne said...

"At least when he left he didn't get away with the lute..."
Welcome to Punsters of Our Time. Greetings, new member!

Friko said...

Malvolio? Played the lute?
I thought he was a member of a brass band.

The Bug said...

Oh lord - thanks for the warning (which made me grin in anticipation - and you did not disappoint - ha!).

aprille said...

Your lutenist took off?
How sad. Still, all that tuning....

Other Mary said...

Hahahaha - and groan! I love a bad pun, and this is right up there with the best!

Stephen Hayes said...

A finely tunes interpretation of this painting, even though I think the woman is pregnant, not sick.

Helen said...

Funny! A good pun is hard to find!!

Don't Feed The Pixies said...

Berowne - thanks. Is there a special badge or a hat? :)

Friko - he was obviously a man of many talents

Bug - sorry, i never can resist a bad joke

Aprille - thanks for visiting

Other Mary - cheers and glad you enjoyed

Stephen - she doesn't look particularly unwell, does she?

Helen - thanks for reading

hyperCRYPTICal said...

Very clever last line - love it!

Anna :o]