Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Not-so, Na-So, Song Writing In A Month

At the end of November, having written 50,108 words of drivel I thought - what next?

So, knowing that I would be likely to find a com padre in my usual creative friend argent I suggested a month of trying to write songs - preferably 10 to 12 songs, or enough for an album.

The idea was to try and record the songs and make the album, using newly aquired technology on my computer.

This plan quickly ran into problems of a technical nature, as surely I must have done something to annoy whichever god or deity looks after computer technology - first of all I couldn't get my tech to work, and then my existing tech also crashed - meaning that all my attempts at musical masterpieces or malformations were scuppered.

I have to admit that it was at this point that I lost some of my motivation and this probably resulted in me not even closely approaching the target of 10-12 songs.  However, I did manage seven of variable nature.

As my computer is still playing up and I don't know why I'm unable to present recordings of the best ones to you as hoped, but below I hope you will find and enjoy the lyrics to the two best efforts:

The first is called "Think It Over" - I don't really remember the inspiration for the song, I think it came from a slow and gentle strum I was playing with and that set the mood.

Think It Over

Think it over, take your time
You might miss me, way down the line
Think it over, baby please
Stay with me

There could be dark clouds, in our way
Who needs those dark clouds, let come what may
Think it over, honey please
Just stay with me

Sometimes you seem to wander
From restless dream to dream
As the years you pass you wonder
Just what the hell did it all mean?

Think it over, take your time
You might miss me, way down the line
Think it over, baby please
Stay with me

The second set of lyrics I'm presenting here are from "Motion Capture Technology" - at this point in the month I had come up with the idea of providing some generic titles that I could use and would influence the style of the song I was going to write.  It should be mentioned that at the time of writing it I was listening to a lot of Manic Street Preachers - so the song was definitely influenced by them.  I've edited out most of the final verse as I'm not happy with it and have edited verse 2 - but I think the previous lyrics are sufficiently interesting

Motion Capture Technology

I wish my life was a movie
Motion capture technology
Then I wouldn’t feel my pain
It would all be so easy
Living life in a movie
Never feeling any shame

You don’t have to be a bit part actor
You can really be a star
When you think that it’s all over
You can really still go far

My life’s never been Disney
Motion capture technology
It would make it all worthwhile
If this were on the silver screen
To see my whole life story
That would really make me smile

I wish my life were a movie
Motion capture technology


Stephen Hayes said...

You are a person of multiple talents. Let me know when your tour comes to Portland. I'd love to add "music tour roadie" to my resume.

The Bug said...

I like that first song the best - I'll bet I would enjoy hearing you sing it too :)

Roxy said...

Your ceaseless creativty inspires me, Pixie-Man. Sigh. By the way - thanks for the correspondence - my last email to you and Samurai, led me to check out some other blogs - and poof! there was a call for short stories that fit one I had sitting on a backburner. What would I do without my blogger community. I tried to leave a comment on Samurai's blog but having trouble ... I'll have to ask for help ....

Argent said...

I liked both of these and want to hear them again. I also liked the 'Buzz Aldrin' one. We'll have to get a recording session going at mine if your computer is still being silly. Alternatively, I could come over and smack its bottom.

Don't Feed The Pixies said...

Stephen - nah, i just do a lot of different things badly rather than a single thing well :)

Bug - i like that one best too

Roxy - good to hear from you and good that you are entering the competition

Argent - thanks, i fear that i have already relied on you for tech support too often :)

mythopolis said...

Hi there. Your first song reminded me in some ways of a Patsy Cline classic...the first line was: "If you've got leavin' on your mind, tell me now - get it over..." (I'm a huge fan of Patsy!) Keep up the good work!

Friko said...

Going hungry obviously helps with the creativity.
Once you've sorted out the technology, let us hear music and lyrics together.