Tuesday, 17 January 2012


I haven't seen either film, but already The Descendents (with George Clooney) and The Iron Lady have managed to raise my hackles.

Let's face it The Iron Lady was always going to raise an emotional reaction for those of us that survived the Thatcher years with any remote shreds of sanity left (what was the deal with her and Regan anyway?) - would they portray her the way we, the long suffering people of England, remembered her (IE selling off our industries, breaking the unions, the Poll tax), or would the Hollywood effect romanticize everything as usual (answer: I still haven't seen it, so can't comment)

But come on guys, advertising it the "Film of 2012" whilst we were still in December 2011

And now George, usually so loveable and roguish, has taken time out of his busy schedule advertising expensive coffee machines to irritate me with a film that, in January mind you, is being advertised as "the best film of the year"

I mean - really?

Is this all we can look forward to cinematically for the year? - a couple of half-decent films at the very start of the year and then bugger all until the Mayan calendar runs out and we're all swallowed my the mutant star goat that's been following us ever since our ancestors left Golgafrincham (see Hitch Hiker's Guide To The Galaxy if you don't get the joke)

I know you guys are desperate to get bums on seats, what with the advent of digital TV showing the same films three times in as many days barely six months after they're off the big screen, the general feeling that 3-D is just a gimmick to rip us off yet again with a new gadget - but COME ON

It's in the same league as advertising Christmas as soon as the schools go back in September, or putting Creme Eggs for Easter on the shelves as soon as the Christmas decorations go down or...


Well, yes they already do both of those, but would it really - I mean really - hurt them just to let us relax and let us live a bit of the year before they start telling us how much of the rest of the year is going to be rubbish in comparison?

We live a fast-paced enough life as it is - so why not let us slow down a bit

Besides - the mutant star goat has waited this long, hasn't it?


The Bug said...

As you well know, I've already EATEN my first creme egg of the season (well, actually, it was two. ahem.).

I agree about the films, but I find that ALL movie advertising is hyperbole. I try to ignore it as much as possible. Not saying I succeed, but I TRY.

Friko said...

Hi Pixie, let me say, with David bloody Cameron "calm down, dear, calm down"

I don't care what they tell me, I go on at my own snail's pace and do things in my own snail's fashion. I might or might not see these films, certainly not just yet, whatever I do. You should come and join the peasants in the backwaters, it takes us a lot longer to get the straw out of our hair to get us ready for a visit to the picture-house, where they have all them new-fangled gadgets like 3-D and such.

Stephen Hayes said...

To make Mrs. Chatterbox happy I agreed to see The Descendents. I'm not a George Clooney fan and I don't particularly like the expression on my wife's face when she's gazing at Mr. Clooney. But I must say I was pleasantly surprised that the movie was actually good, better than good. Clooney didn't lean on his trademark suaveness and gave an excellent performance in a story that manages to avoid cliches.
Give it a try.

Titus said...

No, no. Surely 'The Artist' is the film of the year? Or was that last year?

Lydia said...

Another interesting review!

Gads, they don't put creme eggs out over here quite as early as they do there...and I'm glad, as I am not in the mood for them just yet.

I thought The Descendents looked like a pretty good film. Haven't seen it yet. The reviews (as you have mentioned) are great.

Meryl Streep....I absolutely admire her work so much and have seen most of her films. But I loathed Margaret Thatcher (and her creepy buddy, RR) and really have no interest in seeing a movie about her.

Personally, I am interested in two movies. I'm currently reading the marvelous, quirky book Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close, with the intent to finish it before seeing the film (it is released here on the 20th).
And I am dying for The Artist to get to my area. My friends in NYC said that if it doesn't win Best Picture it will be a crime.

Don't Feed The Pixies said...

Bug - it's true, we all try and ignore advertising, but it keeps getting into our head

Hoover was so successful that we all talk about doing the hoovering, not the vacuuming. Wonder if future generations will talk about the Dysoning?

Friko - you need a good rant from time to time, and i bet if i asked you to name three insurance companies they'd all be ones that had big advertising campaigns

Stephen - i'm sure the film is great, but surely they don't really release all the best films of the year in the first month?

Titus - The Artist eh? Presumably not a film about the purple musician formely, and now again, known as Prince?

Lydia - part of me is interested in seeing the Thatcher years to see if it does match my memories - but the honest truth is that i will probably see none of these films :)

Argent said...

I think we need to take all the movie hyperbole with a massive pinch of salt - mind you, we're not even supposed to have that now, so I'm not sure what to take it with. As for creme eggs, there are literally tons of them around here. They used to be on sale the three months or so up to Easter but if you look hard enough I think you can find them pretty much all year round somewhere or other.

Roxy said...

PixieMan - you are funny! At least there's someone in your history that is interesting to have movies about. Canada isn't much good for that.
Wondering if you can help me out with something. My friend has a blog ... http://sbisbop.blogspot.com/ .... and I want her to have a comment section like yours! (where It can just be open) .... how did you do that??

Don't Feed The Pixies said...

argent - personally i'm rather fond of creme eggs :)

Roxy - i followed the link and there seemed to be a comments section - so let me know what the specific problem is and i'll see if i can find out