Friday, 13 January 2012

Can't Get Cover?

Call Centre (CC): Welcome to Faceless Insurance International, how may I help you today?

Customer (CU): Hi, yes I need to get insurance for my vehicle

CC: Certainly madam, can I take your name please?

CU:  Yes, it's Cinderella

CC: How do you spell that?


CC: And your surname?

CU: I don't have one

CC: (PAUSE) I'm sorry madam, did you say that you don't have one?

CU: Not that I'm aware of, no.  Sometimes people call me Cinders, does that count?

CC: Cinderella Cinders?  OK madam, and your address?

CU: I live in the kitchens at my mother's house (gives address)

CC: O-kay.  And what type of vehicle are you looking to insure today?

CU: It's a Pumpkin, a giant Pumpkin.


CC: I'm not finding any vehicle type of Pumpkin on my systems - what type of engine does it have?

CU: It's actually powered by two enchanted mice


CC: Mice?

CU: Yes, my Fairy Godmother turned a giant pumpkin and some mice into horses - and now I need to get to the ball so I can marry a Prince


CC: I'm sorry madam, but I don't think we cover enchanted vehicles, Pumpkins or otherwise.

CU: Oh, ok - I'll try somewhere else then - thank you


CC: Welcome to Faceless Insurance International, how may I help you today?

CU2: Yeah, hi - my name's Aladdin - can you tell me if you insure flying carpets?


Mimi Foxmorton said...


I DO so love coming here!!!!!

ps. Flying Pigs insure enchanted pumpkins! ;)

The Bug said...

LOL - insurance companies are so RIGID. Heh.

Stephen Hayes said...

Witty and fun. An interesting take on a common problem many of us have with insurance companies. Well written.

Lydia said...

As a former insurance agent I have to seriously say in my most modulated business voice....... THIS IS FLIPPIN' FUNNY!!!

btw, do you get the Geico Insurance ads there in the U.K.? All sorts of different characters are used, but the piggy who cried weeweewee all the way home is my favorite. This links to the newest one (and if you haven't seen the original you can access it in the sidebar there at youtube).

Don't Feed The Pixies said...

Mimi - thanks for visiting as always

Bug - indeed

Stephen - thanks

Lydia - enjoyed the video :)

Argent said...

He he. Maybe next year's panto.....

Elvirah said...

Its so hysterial and it was nice going through this post. Insurance companies would go mad and stop the business if they have to attend these kinda callers:).

Don't Feed The Pixies said...

Argent - maybe indeed

Elvirah - thanks for visiting and glad you enjoyed

Anonymous said...

Classic stories and modern society are always fun things to have crash into each other.