Friday, 24 December 2010

Christmas Wishes, Musings, Sax And Ramblings

Good tidings fellow bloggers, and welcome all.  It's that time of year again and those of you that read my blog regularly will know that it it's something of a tradition for me to post on or abouts Christmas with some kind of story or alternate message.

This year I've decided to take a suggestion from Bobby, a fellow blogger and write a kind of open letter to a few people who have meant a lot to me this year

Firstly: my family - my mum, dad and our kid.  This year more than any other I've become really aware of the sacrifices my parents made for me when I was young - so thank you

Secondly: my friends - its funny how you have different kinds of relationships with different friends and how sometimes that changes back and forth, but this year I would particularly like to thank Argent and C.C. - without whom I don't know how I would have coped.  Aargent for music and laughter, C.C. for getting me writing again - and to the latter - mate: wherever you are this Christmas be safe

I'd also like to say hi to my new friends Roxy and Samurai - looking forward to getting to know you better

Next up a quick word-up to everyone in Blogland, particularly Bug, Watercats and Lydia for much needed light relief and creative stimulation - especially for you guys there's a Christmas Quiz at the end (answers will be on the responses page) - many of the questions come from a programme called QI where the things you think you know turn out to be wrong - so it's more for your interest than as an actual quiz.

Finally to Herself.  Someone at Toastmasters said this year that when you enter the room I light up.  It's true - you are my light.

But enough of the sentimentality - it's time for music lovers everywhere to turn away and start running, as after frequent attempts to record myself playing something christmassy on my Saxophone I have gone with the least rubbish.  Camera work is by Herself and she asked me to point out the highlighting of the "little" Merry Christmas.  See what she did there? 

Have a good one.  Peace and goodwill to all.


1) Which Famous Chicken travelled to China?

2) What produces most of the Earth’s Oxygen?

3) Where do loofas come from?

4) What was Mozart’s middle name?

5) What is unusual about Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer?

6) What substance replaced lead in pencils?
7) Why is Santa's Grotto accident free for the 200th year running?


Don't Feed The Pixies said...

Answers to the Quiz:

1) Which Famous Chicken travelled to China?
a) Marco Polo. He was Croatian (or Dalmatian) and his name translates to English as Mark Chicken

2) What produces most of the Earth’s Oxygen?
a) Algae - it releases Oxygen during photosynthesis

3) Where do loofas come from?
a) Not from the sea - they grow on trees and are related to the cactus

4) What was Mozart’s middle name?
a) Wolfgang – his full name was Johann Chrysostomus Wolfgangus Theophilus Mozart. He usually called himself Wolfgang Amade (not Amadeus) or Wolfgang Gottlieb. ‘Amadeus’ is latin for Gottlieb and means ‘God’s love’

5) What is unusual about Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer?
a) He, and all of Santa’s reindeer, are actually girls. Male reindeer lose their antlers in the winter – yet Santa’s have theirs.

6) What substance replaced lead in pencils?
a) Graphite

7) Why is Santa's Grotto accident free for the 200th year running?
a) Because of the stringent Elf and Safety procedures of course!

Argent said...

Hehe, the sax came out really well on that recording - what you record it with? Our Jedi master would have had a 'wee' moment hearing it!

Good quizzing too - we really ought to resurrect the Tuesday Quiz.

Merry Christmas to you and Herself!!!

English Rider said...

Merry Christmas Pixie.

Michael said...

All the best to you, Pixie. I'll raise my glass to you tonight when I toast my good friends far and near.

The Bug said...

Thanks for the shout-out. Love the sax - but the best part is the penguin wrapping paper! Heh.

I knew the answer to #6. That is all. Sigh.

Have a very Merry Christmas - in just a few hours for you I guess. I'm getting ready to head to be soon - it's 10:30 here.

Don't Feed The Pixies said...

Argent - we used a small video camera in the end

English - same to you

Michael - thanks

Bug - you can never go wrong with penguin wrapping paper

Lydia said...

Aw, to come by after Christmas has passed is still such a holiday treat when I find your sweet shout out to me...appreciated so much.

You are such a musical and artistic person. This was some grand saxophone! And I did see the "little" Merry Christmas and thought that was meaningful.
You guys had so many presents! I must admit that this is the first year in my life when I did not receive one present.....except a woodcut ornament tucked inside my Christmas card from my blogging friend, Francessa, in Vienna. Come to think of it, that is quite enough for memory-making.

the watercats said...

just checked by!.. running late as usual for everything, really chuffed that you mentioned us! it's nice to think someone found us even vaguely entertaining and nice :-)
I'm so proud of you for making a classic cheeze video worthy of the ninety seventies! to be honest, I was expecting a horrendous noise, but you can actually play! if that's how you sound after only a few months, then another few months you should be jiving with the best of them.
as for the questions, would you believe i knew the answers to; 2,3, 5,6 and 7!, lol! hope you had a brilliant christmas, and hope you have an excellent new year! all the best things!