Friday, 23 October 2009

Something for the weekend

Whilst i'm waiting for Raven to publish the Wordzzle so i can put mine up - please enjoy some music

Indigo Girls "Land Of Caanan" - so excited: going to see them live this sunday in the UK!!! They were fantastic last time i saw them

Bjork "I've Seen It All" - from the film Dancer In The Dark (not one for the faint hearted, or for people looking for a happy feel-good movie). I love the transitions from the real world to the songs.


the watercats said...

I love the indigo girls!... and that's such a fecking lovely martin guitar... nice to see a black one (my personal faves).
as for bjork thingy... :-)

Don't Feed The Pixies said...

Hey Watercats - careful what you say about Bjork. I've been a big fan ever since The Sugarcubes.

Totally, completely and utterly insane - especially the throat-singing album - but the moments of genius shine

Rachel Fox said...

I haven't seen the Dancer film...Dogville was so has put me off that director's work (at least for a little while). Really enjoyed that song though...maybe I will see it sooner rather than later. Maybe.

Don't Feed The Pixies said...

Rachel - i've not seen Dogville and some of the things i've heard about Lars Von Triers and his attitude towards women have put me off his work.

Dancer... is a great film, but again very harrowing. Bjork doesn't so much act as live the part - so if you didn't really like Dogville then you may not like this either