Thursday, 18 June 2009

That (Virtual) Friday Feeling

Quick apology and quick posting here - as i'm not going to have access to the internet tomorrow because i'm off work - which makes Thursday a Virtual Friday.

As it happens the future of TFF is currently under review - i really don't know how you guys manage to post about similar subjects/themes on specific days each week and applaud you all: my brain must be too random.

Anyway: i was watching this programme on comedy songs and they played a bit of this by Victoria Wood - who is, in every sense of the word, an annoyingly talented individual. Watch it, enjoy: if you don't laugh at least once there's something wrong with you

Points will be awarded for every faded 80s TV star UK readers spot, or for my transatlantic readers - for every bad perm-hairdo


English Rider said...


the watercats said...

Victoria Wood is one of those guilty pleasures. I can't help but find her proper working class war-time humour extremely funny and appealing and lovely and quaint. She is such a talented person, as you say, in fact she could be one of the last bastions of british-ness left (true britishness, not the nasty B,N.P bollocks). I'd forgotten all about this song, cheers for the reminder :-)

Anonymous said...

This was pretty funny. There were times when I couldn't understand was she was saying though.

That was pretty good the way she was focused on the singing without really paying attention to her piano playing, which didn't fail.

Don't Feed The Pixies said...

English - indeed: it still makes me laugh after all this time

Watercats - there is a certain smell of seaside holidays of bygone days with Victoria Wood - but i agree that she may well represent the last of the old style england

Samurai - i was a little concerned that some of the jokes or the accent might be lost on the transatlantic audience. As you say though - she's a very accomplished musician

Friko said...

I adore Victoria Wood. No matter how many times I see her (saw her, she's not on a lot now) perform she always creases me up.
Thanks for the reminder.
And DO keep on writing, you're good at it.