Wednesday, 17 June 2009

The Good, The Bad And The Moggie

The distant sound of a drum, beating out a staccato heartbeat: the rustle of the wind through the leaves. A Spanish guitar is strummed four times and the chimes begin.

Stranger crouches low in the ground and the camera pans around the horizon, taking in the unmown grass.

Tiny emerges from the house, pacing slowly. Cut to close up of Stranger’s eyes. The guitar sounds again, accompanied by an orchestral swell. Tiny stops, tail bristling in the air.

Wide shot of the garden. The chimes sound again and we catch our first glance of Furry, still standing in the doorway: watching patiently. Stranger stirs in the grass, meows, but does not back down.

Tiny edges forward and the almost audible soundtrack reaches the bit where the choir kicks in. Tiny is calling now, her voice hot and insistent: you are not welcome here.

Stranger makes his first mistake, answering back and thinking the shade of the nearby fence will protect him. The camera cuts to an extreme close-up of Tiny and the guitar sounds a single note repeatedly and tails off. She seems uncertain as the music fades again; her plaintive cry sounding like a child as she calls for re-enforcements

The mariachi band horns come in, sounding loud and vibrant. Furry is moving away from the doorway, sauntering towards the unwelcome guest, keeping a wide circle from Tiny and never letting either one out of his view. He stops to one side of Tiny, adding his voice to hers as he enters the ring: three may enter, only two can leave.

The horns cut out and for a long moment there is no sound but the chimes and the wind. The camera cuts from each face, waiting for someone to make the first move.

The camera cuts closer and closer, faster and faster from one face to the next until you can see each whisker bristling, each set of eyes narrowing into pinpoints.

Furry howls again: one last chance, he seems to say, just one last chance. Stranger makes his last mistake: goes for his claws.

There is a blur of movement and noise as Furry and Tiny leap as one, scrambling with the intruder and forcing him under the fence. There is the noise of a continued fight from the neighbour’s garden behind: then there is silence.

Three have entered: but only two leave. Tiny and Furry saunter back to the food bowl, collars lost or damaged but territory intact.

And from behind the neighbour’s fence Stranger watches and wonders when his time will come again.

The grass stirs in the wind and is still


English Rider said...

Fur-fight at the O.K. Corral? It's always High Noon somewhere for The Good, The Bad and The Ugly.
Great suspense. Well done.

Don't Feed The Pixies said...

Heh! With apologies to Sergio Leone and Ennio Moricone!

Glad you liked it - just my version of the cat's actions last night :)

the watercats said...

glad to see I'm not the only one who watches my animals and imagines movie scenario theme! I could hear and see it all perfectly! I'm the proud owner of one dog with no brain who is very small and another dog with no brain who is very big. The soundtrack to their life is largely made up of trombones, bluegrass interludes and the odd bit of bangla... :-D

Argent said...

Hahaha. Love this- I could hear the music and everything.

Lydia said...

I absolutely loved this! How marvelous to write a play-by-play of cats not at play. Your two did very well for themselves. I have one stray that is a nightly visitor to the wildlife food bowl. She is the most miserable creature...actually hisses and swipes her paw at me while I'm filling the bowl. I hate her. But not enough to chase her away.

Michael said...

Gotta love them cat fights.

Don't Feed The Pixies said...

Watercats - i now have a mental image of your dog walking around to The Flumps themetune (if you even remember the show!)

Argent - thanks

Lydia - my two, especially Tiny, are very territorial.

Michael - indeed