Friday, 26 June 2009

That Final Friday Feeling

OK – so it’s not completely utterly final, but posting something on the same day each week just doesn’t suit my mentality. I’d rather go back to as and when.

However I just wanted to bring you a couple of videos to think about. The first one comes from a TV show that used to be on some years ago here called The Chart Show. They showed nothing but videos, with no presenter and no voice over – just captions, but the great thing was that sometimes they’d show the Indie charts and you’d get some pretty weird shit playing.

This one is a band from Ireland of the late 1980s called Stump. I won’t blame anyone who doesn’t get through all of the song – but stay tuned for that catchy chorus and find yourself shouting “How much is the fish” randomly for years to come

And finally – Michael Jackson. There’s been a lot of talk about him today and I think the thing is that we’ve forgotten somewhere along the line that once he was known for his brilliant music and not for his eccentricities. I think that’s what we should be remembering today.

So, as MJ’s videos are all copyright I thought I’d bring you the below tribute – which I think captures the best of his influence. Share and enjoy :)


the watercats said...

Oh sweet lord!!... I have to admit, even my dwelling in fairly obscure musicalness never took me anywhere near that lot!... I never heard it in my life! and no wonder! It's even too shit to be considered worthy of being remembered for pub trivia games! (though may consider remembering it just in case!)
As for the Micheal thingy... well, he's probably better off dead! (meant in the nicest possible way). He did indeed write some proper stuff..the video is ace.. I sometimes wonder though whether the people who do it don't just sit back down and then feel like complete, I also love the way most of the people around just rolled their eyes as if to say.. here we go, another internet spawned random dance thing..
Mind you, I love that sort of stuff, I'd be up for it! :-P

Michael said...

Oh come on! Stump rules. Awesome song. I would put them on the top shelf of 80s fluff as Deja Voodoo.

Michael said...

Michael said...

Especially cheese and crackers. Har!

Anonymous said... Stump thing didn't really catch me.

But the Thriller choreography was entertaining. I hate when people just up and do random stuff on the train, but the dancing here was pretty spot-on, especially for a moving train. It didn't seem to effect them at all.

Don't Feed The Pixies said...

Watercats - i love the comment on YouTube under the video that goes "why does anyone like this shit?" - but i kinda like it in an extremely wierd/loopy way and can often be found telling people about "how much is the fish". Wouldn't pay money for it though.

As for MJ - i have to admit that i'm not a big fan, but i have to agree that placed in the position of the commuter i'd probably be sitting there wishing i was dead rather than watching: as clearly most of them are!

Michael - myspace is blocked here at work (also why i've not visited Watercats there, or looked at twitter) - but i will try and remember to look them up next time i get chance.

Actually until i found them on YouTube i'd never made it through to the end of the Stump song and i love the random end "How do i get off the bus?" very odd.

Samuria - see comments above re actually being there. But yes, choreography must have taken a hell of a lot of work