Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Five Paintings

So recently I mentioned that one of my paintings accidentally became a subject of religious focus, see link here.

And there were a few people who said, well then: show us some pictures you've done. 

So here then is a list of five paintings that a) isn't actually entirely a list of paintings and b) doesn't, as is now traditional, actually add up to 5.  These are not exclusively my favourite pictures and I have specifically left off the accidentally religious painting and a few portraits, as i would need permission from the subjects to past them here (NB: the little boxes in corners are to obscure my signature

Disclaimer: I often give my paintings quite silly titles, just to remind myself not to take it all too seriously

 #1: The Crazy World Of Arthur Brown

Acrylics on canvas and an older painting.  A little two-dimensional perhaps, but i quite like the flames and the higher branches

#2: The Battle Of Epping Forrest
Oil on canvas - created on a Bob Ross workshop day (so simple to do that a colour blind hedgehog could create it with both hands tied behind its back).  For those of you wondering - i had the easel set up wrong and by the time I realised the battle had finished.

#3: Purple Haze
Acrylic on canvas - quite happy with the likeness.  For copyright purposes I should state that the above was done purely for my own private practice, is not for sale and/or reproduction

#4: The Power Of Two
Pastels on paper.  Done at a Life Drawing class run by Mad Penguin Lady.  The interesting story here is that the woman had never done modelling previously, and nor had she met the man next to her prior to stripping off

#5: Naked Blue Person #1

Acrylics on paper - also at life drawing course with Mad Penguin Lady

#6: Naked Clay Lady #2
This goes to show that you just never know - I hate getting my hands dirty and wasn't expecting to enjoy this when Mad Penguin Lady announced we were going to do it - but I enjoyed both the sessions


Lisa Allender said...

Hi Pixies-- WOWSERS!
I LOVE your elegant drawings of nudes, and the clay sculpture! Keep it up! Awesomeness! :D

Lisa Allender said...

Hi Pixies-- WOWSERS!
I LOVE your elegant drawings of nudes, and the clay sculpture! Keep it up! Awesomeness! :D

Lisa Allender said...

Hi Pixies-- WOWSERS!
I LOVE your elegant drawings of nudes, and the clay sculpture! Keep it up! Awesomeness! :D

Don't Feed The Pixies said...

Lisa - i usually feel quite stressed in the first few weeks of life drawing, particularly as we approach the bit where people walk around to "see what everyone else is doing" - but the last time i did a course i finally felt that i was making some headway...and then the course ended.

PhilipH said...

Jolly good show PixieMan.
I particularly like the nude duo, and the brave background story of the lady stripper! Black/white art is my favourite in many ways; I used to love pen and ink drawing.
My daughter sculpts in polymer clay. One of her mini fairy sculptures sold (in USA)for £501 a couple of years ago. She has just started working at home again, after her setback re brain tumour. A link: http://fairytasia.co.uk/blog.html
Thanks for uploading those great artworks.

Stephen Hayes said...

You are quite talented. It's interesting how proficient you are in different media.

The Bug said...

I love love love the forest one - so lovely & GREEN. The others are quite good too. This is an area (like playing an instrument) where you are WAY ahead of me!

Titus said...

I remember The Battle of Epping Forest! It was just like that!

I like the Naked Blue Person best. Good work all round.

English Rider said...

Crazy about crazy brown world and blue person. Lovely controlled fluidity, composition and depth in those.

Don't Feed The Pixies said...

Philip - well congratulations on the sale and hope your daughter is now on the mend

Stephen - coming from a fantastic artist like yourself i really appreciate that comment, thanks.

Bug - if you like the forrest picture do a google search for Bob Ross instructors in America - bound to be one within travelling distance. His style is so, so easy to do

Titus - thanks

English - I quite like the colours in crazy world - it takes its title from the chap who used to wear a coronet of fire and sang "fire...I'll teach you to burn"

Friko said...

I like the tree and the battle scene, I’m quite a simple person, really.

Nudes frighten me.