Monday, 28 May 2012

Beans On Toast (or Midnight With The Queen)

I sometimes wonder about the Queen
Does she live her life in constant dreams
Of fresh painted buildings and high iced teas
Or is she like a ghost

Do the servants heave a heavy sigh
The kitchen’s a mess and they don’t know why
In the depth of night all the eggs got fried
And served on toast

Are there corgi hairs in the gravy boat
Does she come downstairs in her ermine dressing coat
Does she make some beans whilst Philip gloats
Or does she check her post?

I’d like to think she helps herself
To the Palace kitchens like a sneaky elf
And she doesn’t worry about her health
As she makes her midnight roast

When she makes a meal does she share a joke
With the kitchen maids, or a visiting bloke
Or does she step outside for a sneaky smoke
Whilst making Beans on toast


Brian Miller said...

ha i would like to think she is as human as the rest of us but you never know...smiles...

Tess Kincaid said...

Corgi hairs in the gravy boat...giggle...

Helen said...

Well now! You have raised all sorts of intriguing questions ... set me to wondering just what goes on inside that Palace!

The Bug said...

I've never eaten beans on toast, but if they're good enough for the queen they're good enough for me!

Argent said...

Deliciously quirky.

Lydia said...

Just discovered this mag and I loved it. Am envisioning the Queen, but also the cast of Upstairs Downstairs...that whole sense of division, etc. "Ermine dressing coat" is wonderful. :)

Lydia said...

Somehow I missed this mag of yours and what a travesty it would be to have missed it altogether! I loved your poem.