Sunday, 25 December 2011

Pixie Christmas Message

Well as those of you who read my blog will know it's traditional for us Pixies to try and outdo Her Majesty in the putting people to sleep stakes.

Yes it's true - every Christmas around Britain Men (And Women) Of A Certain Age insist that we MUST watch our monarch's Christmas greeting to her nation at 3pm and then promptly fall asleep for the entire duration - unless someone tries to change channel when they instantly wake and say "Oi!  I was watching that!!"

This year many of my attempts at Christmas Mesi (surely a better plural than messages?) have been scuppered by unduly complicated technology - I had hoped to record my version of Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow - however the little gremlins inside my computer have been dead set against it.

So what can I do instead?  Well there are several other traditions around Christmas

1) The groan-worthy joke.

I say, i say, i say - what's round and angry
I don't know - what is round and angry?
A vicious circle

2) The pointless but nevertheless fascinating fact
Santa's Reindeer are all girls.  We know this because male reindeer shed their antlers in winter, and yet all of Santa's, including Rudolph, have theirs

3) The sudden glow of kindness towards others
Merry Christmas all my readers - and especially to those blogs that I wouldn't miss for the world


Mimi Foxmorton said...

This is the very first thing I have read this Christmas morn......

What a wondrous way to start the day!

Thanks for the smile!

Happy Christmas to you, and yours!


Lydia said...

A delightful post with such a funny joke that I will enjoy sharing. Regarding the Queen's message....might it be a bit more poignant this year with her husband having had heart surgery? Or will she just keep a stiff upper lip and move along with her message as if all is wellness in her family? Let us know!

I want to hear your version of Let It Snow! In the meantime, have a Merry Christmas!

Stephen Hayes said...

I just climbed beneath my antlered reindeer and you're right--they're all girls. Now I need some new names! Merry Christmas and seasons blessings to you and all the other Pixies out there.

English Rider said...

Merry Christmas Pixie. I hope you're still awake:)

Argent said...

Hope you had a terrific day.

Michael said...

Oi! I like saying that. Not sure how to use it correctly. I guess it speaks to my English heritage (we are 4-5 generations gone now).

I thought of you when I had my plum pudding the other night.

Oi! Merry Christmas.

Jerry said...

You had Christmas before we did (something to do with you grabbing the sun first) and apparently your good cheer carried over.

Warmest wishes...

The Bug said...

I hope you had a fabulous Christmas! I’m just glad to be home…

Don't Feed The Pixies said...

thanks all x