Saturday, 17 December 2011

IPAPIASM: With Apologies To Noddy Holder

Sometimes an opportunity is too good to miss, so when I saw that a lot of my fellow bloggers were taking part in something called International Put A Poem In A Shop Month I knew it was something that I had to be a part of, and I knew exactly the right poem.

It's very much in the ethos of the Punk movement to take one of your poems and randomly put it in a shop on display.  To be honest I felt quite criminal doing it, but I thought it would be worth the effort.

I originally wanted to put this on display along with the seasonal CDs, but there were too many shoppers and too many staff pricing things, so it ended up in the Bargain Bin of DVDs next to a widescreen TV and a boxset of the Star Wars series.

For those of you that can't read it the poem is published below. 

Some of the joke of the poem may be lost on the transatlantic audience, unless dodgy seventies rockers are suddenly the in thing in the USA, so just in case I've put the link below to the original. 

One of the better Christmas songs - just a shame that it's played so often...

Santa SLADE The Reindeer
(With Apologies To Noddy Holder)

Are you camping out in Tesco’s every night?
Are you watching all your money wave bye bye?
Are you sick and tired of adverts, telling you to shop?
Are you wondering “will the madness ever stop?”

Was it only just September yesterday?
Will the credit card man take your house away?
Are you sick of Christmas music, is there nothing on TV?
Except The Sound Of Music and Jaws 3

So here it is, bloody Christmas and the shopping’s never done
Wishing it was over, but it’s only just beg-u-un

So here it is, bloody Christmas, guess you’ve heard this one before
Lost sight of Jesus, what the hell is it all fo-o-or?


Mimi Foxmorton said...

I entirely ADORE this!
I've never heard of it before!
It's like a drive-by poeming! lol

Thanks for sharing this awesome thing!

Argent said...

Hehe, well done! I'm thinking of having a stab at this - I did one last year in Waterstones.

Verification word: wordr

Stephen Hayes said...

Do I have the courage to be a serial poet leaving poems scattered about for the unwary? Hmmnn....

The Bug said...

Well done DTFP! I love this poem - it's perfect for the season.

Stephen - you really need to give it a go, if only to help keep North America out of the cellar!

English Rider said...

Both versions made me smile.

Peter Goulding said...

Still remember seeing it on TOTP - someone from the audience grabbed Noddy by the neck at the end. I'm absolutely amazed how people place their poems so appropriately. Bravo!!

Don't Feed The Pixies said...

thanks mimi

Argent - you should definately have a go

Stephen - i think you should

Bug - thanks

English - glad you smiled

Peter - i particularly like the very brief shot of Jimmy Saville at the start :)

Niamh B said...

Love it! someone should record this - it'd be a hit.
Have added you onto the IPYPIASM hall of fame on my blog - though I need to know what country you're in to give you full credit on the stealth poetic scoreboard - (though it is a non competitive event!)

Rachel Fox said...

Good job! Especially like the 'take your house away' bit.

We do Xmas on the cheap here - minimal sentiment and maximum relaxation.


Titus said...

I sang it whilst I was reading! Ultimate Christmas song-subversion. Bravo! Go England!

Emerging Writer said...

I can hear it in my head now with a Wolverhampton accent! Finally got out to Dublin city centre here