Saturday, 12 March 2011

What Are You Rebelling Against? (The Poetry Bus Challenge)

Well it's been some time since I rode the poetry bus, but some challenges are just too tempting to resist: and so it was with this week's poetry bus, as driven by The Watercats

The challenge, should we chose to accept it, was:



dum dum dum dum dum dee dum
dum de dum de dum dee dum
dum de dum de dum dee dee
dum de dum de dum de dee.

So - I spent some time trying to decide what to protest about.  There are so many good causes out there that need highlighting, but from the start I was more interested in finding a spurious cause - one that really doesn't need public outrage.

I thought about protesting about protest songs, i thought about protesting about busses, sausages, nipples on men - until I remembered something I'd heard a while ago.

You see it seems (or so I heard) that Warner Brothers are keen to keep the image of the Dark Knight dark and, as such have chosen to encourage those responsible to never release the 1960s Batman TV series on DVD - and if there's one thing a protest song is good for it's getting something/someone released (just look at "Free Nelson Mandela" for proof)

So here it is - the We Need Batman Released protest song


My DVD needs some capers right now
The caped-crusader, in his blue-suede cowl
Oh Warner Brothers, won't you give me some peace
We need the Batman to be released


the watercats said...

That's outrageous! The early batman is THE ONLY batman! This indeed is a worthy protest verse, I'm all angry and riled up now.. BIG TIME!... feckin GRRRRRRRRR!

The Bug said...

LOL - I grew up on this batman!

Peter Goulding said...

I think my favourite line was when Batman was hanging off the side of a building holding a rope in his teeth and later he turns to Robin and says "That just goes to show you the importance of dental hygiene" Remember having a black gaberdine as a school coat which we used to tie around our necks and be Batman.

izzy said...

Haven't thought of Batman in a while!
but not releasing him -is the joker somewhere nearby ? Thanks!

Titus said...

Yes, that is Batman. I'll march behind this to the walls of The White House if need be.

120 Socks said...

oh yes please, with the batmobile!!!!

Enchanted Oak said...

Holy bat shit, Robin! You might just save the day, dear DFTP.

Don't Feed The Pixies said...

watercats - fecking grrrr indeed

Bug - its great for all ages. Kids for the action, adults for the humour

Peter - so many great lines including where they go into a crowded club "try not to look conspicuous Robin"

Izzy - well, that's what i hear

Titus - maybe we can get Obama onboard?

120 socks - you can get replica batmobiles now, but they're very expensive

Enchanted - hope so

Lydia said...

I am so impressed! When I read the prompt I wasn't sure it was do-able, but you have proven that it sure was!

You should start a facebook page demanding that the show be would probably get lots of "friends."

Totalfeckineejit said...

Da na na na nanana naaa Batman Batmaaan Batmaan!
Yahoo fablo DFTP!