Saturday, 19 March 2011

(I Wanna Be A) Chartered Accountant

This post came out of a joke between myself and Argent last night at a quiz night.  And so, with apologies to Paul McCartney, I present:

Chartered Accountant

Dear Sir or Madam, let me read your books
If the Taxman's due, let me take a look
Coz I studied numbers, and I'm good at Maths
And I need a job, and I wanna be a Chartered Accountant
Chartered Accountant

I've always known what I want to be
Yes I've always dreampt of Accountancy
Coz I'm feeling fiscal and I know my sums
I can buy a tie, would you let me be a Chartered Accountant
Chartered Accountant

Chartered Accountant

suggestions for extra verses are most welcome in response


The Bug said...

LOLOL - this is great! I have an accounting degree. I know - you're astonished because I'm so unaccountant-like :)

Titus said...

Jaw has now dropped at The Bug's comment.
I still don't know what the 'chartered' bit means.

Argent said...

Most amusing! We'll have to rehearse it. And Bug, did the Accountancy not take? You're so...... Human!

Peter Goulding said...

Its a thousand pages of obscure accounts,
Full of unpaid bills and the cheques that bounce.
I can shuffle them up and make them fit,
And I need a job and
I wanna be a chartered accountant

The Bug said...

I'll bet a chartered accountant is like our CPAs here (Certified Public Accountant). They have to pass a really hard test - it's similar to the bar exam. When I took it there were four parts, but I only passed one & decided feck it! I didn't really want to be an accountant anyway. So now I have the MUCH more exciting job of legal assistant. Heh.

Lydia said...

Oh yes, this could be a big hit with the numbers crowd. I ought to husband is a CPA (the u.s. equivalent to a chartered accountant). He says it stands for Certified Pompous Ass!

Lydia said...

@Peter Goulding~ excellent second verse there!!!

@The Bug~ I would not have guessed that, but you do look studious in those glasses!

Don't Feed The Pixies said...

Bug - the main thing is that you recovered!

Titus - i think it basically means "registered", but not sure

Argent - we could have a go, but McCartney is one for shoving in diminished ninths that are designed to break your fingers

Peter - excellent addition

Bug (again) - legal assistant could be interesting

Lydia - I'm sure that your husband may be a CPA, but i doubt he is a CPA - if you see what i mean?