Friday, 18 June 2010

Two-Hundredth Post: The Last Night Of The Fair

It seems to me that the best ideas are, generally speaking, the easiest.

The ideas that pop out of your head and straight onto the paper are the most pure - the ones that you've had the least chance to meddle with. The more that you have to work at the idea, the more you are likely to ruin it.

This is how it was with what will probably stand as the Greates Thing I Will Ever Write, about how Superman would make a rubbish boyfriend - there it was, just in my head and ready to pop onto page.

Sadly this story is typical of my creativity, I mean -what the hell is the point of it? I can't sell it anywhere, so it will just sit there and lurk at me.

And yet here we are celebrating my 200th post with a song that was an absolute bugger to write. I'd known for a while that there was a waltz-style song in my head, I could hear the slow thump of the drum long before there was any music to go with it

And then I got a few of the words to the first verse, then the third, then the second and finally the refrain - and here it is. The video was supposed to be of a local fair, but i never got around to visiting it and have missed it - so this view of the canal i sometimes follow to work will have to suffice.

Thanks to everyone who's stuck with reading my drivel for so long - any comments on the old posts, the song or requirements for the future would be gratefully received.

For anyone tuning in for my turn at the Poetry Bus wheel I will be posting the challenge sometime on Wednesday 23rd June. Happy 3rd century everyone!

- oh, and apologies to The Smiths for the deliberate steal on the last chorus...

The Last Night Of The Fair


Well the bright coloured baubles will sparkle
Like the lights that will catch in your eye
As the carnival dances around you
And the fireworks light up the sky
As you climb on the waltzer and take hold
And the ground seems to merge with the sky
As the world spinning round finds you screaming
Singing li-li-li-li

On the last night of the fair
As the fireworks light up the air
And you sing like you don’t have a care
Oh will you take me dancing, will you take me dancing (again)

Without thinking you find yourself dancing
The music is pulsing a beat
Candyfloss wrappers entangle
And catch in the ground at your feet
While the showman is grinning and waving
Enticing you in by and by
Like a brightly clad demon he calls you astray
Singing li-li-li-li

As he hands you his token you feel no regret
And he gives you a last chance to take back your bet
He holds his hands open with nothing to hide
But you still feel a chill as you follow inside

Well the bright coloured baubles will sparkle
Like the lights that will catch in your eye
And the man on the stall makes a promise
That makes everything else sound a lie
So you feel the world crashing around you
As you swing at the coconut shy
And you fear that your heart may be breaking
Singing li-li-li-li

Final Chorus
The last night of the fair
And the boy with the grease in his hair
Sings of love and of hope and despair
As he takes the girls dancing, takes them all dancing


English Rider said...

I think you are a talented writer with a "squirrely" sense of humor.

Titus said...

Whoo Hoo! Happy 200th, loved the sad waltz and the canal and really loved that second voice.

The Greatest Thing is always yet to come. Here's to the next 200!

Jessica Maybury said...

I really liked the song. I have a post up with me (crappily) playing my mandolin, and you kick me into next week! Like Titus, I too loved the 2nd voice.

Don't Feed The Pixies said...

English - thanks

Titus/Jessica - I hope Argent reads your comments!

Friko said...

Oh I DO wish you had more confidence in your undoubted abilities.
I liked the song and I like your blog.
I recognised Argent's voice, of course.

Here's to the next 200! Cheers!

Argent said...

You definitely need to believe in yourself much more than you do. You have creativity in spades. OK, so it may not make you any dosh, but that should not stop you. Just keep doing that voodoo yoodoo so well. I really liked the canal vid, looks like you had a lovely day for it. Thanks to those kind souls for the compliments on the singing, but the song is really the thing - it's so good with such rich images. Definitely among your best, I'd say.

The Bug said...

I finally was able to watch the video - I love the song! I like your voice a lot - & of course Argent is a brilliant addition.

Totalfeckineejit said...

That's a great song and I think your two voices work really well together.How abot a new band.The Argent Pixies?

Titus said...

That's Argent! Wow!
I thought Argent was a bloke until Kat put me right. I feel even more of a pillock now.

Niamh B said...

nothing to do with your 200th post, and congrats on that by the way, the geranium poem is up now if you want to peruse, it has also sparked a response poem..! you'll find the link to that in the comments,
anyhoo, thanks for askin (about the geranium advice)

Argent said...

Titus - Don't feel like a pillock. Even people who have seen me in real life make that mistake. I'm actually a gay man trapped in a woman's body :-)

Don't Feed The Pixies said...

Thanks all for your comments and the increasing confusion of Argent's backing vocal-gate.

Glad you enjoyed the song

Michael said...

I like your voice. You could do country (the good kind) with a bit more head voice and drawl.

Titus said...

Argent - I can only explain it by saying that Rod Argent must have been somewhere in the back of my very subconscious mind...