Friday, 6 November 2009

Another Wordzzle

Just a quick note of thanks to everyone who responded to my two recent posts: I’m really sorry I haven’t been able to respond to your individual comments yet.

As I said before I don’t currently have regular access to the internet and what little time I do have needs to be mostly spent looking for work at least until I find out what’s happening with my current job. I’m actually writing this from the local library, where you get one hour free use per day (woo, and indeed, hoo!)

Thanks also to everyone who suggested a title for my NaNoWriMo – however, I had a very vivid dream after posting and was able to come up with my own title “The Benefit”. Still, once I’m back on line properly I’ll pick a winner from the suggested titles and let them know.

Thanks also to Argent, who very kindly offered to let me post the next instalment of Maggie’s adventure.

Words this week for the major:
Cute, come with me to the casba, bloodhound, respiration, facebook, Canada Geese, modern, gravity, spiders web, sea shells

Curiosity killed the cat, charming, Victorian, railroad tracks, tower, salt and pepper

Week Four
Ballachulish – Dumbarton (73 miles)

Dear Spud

Can you believe it? Four weeks on the road and barely out of Scotland. Of course, this bloody mobility scooter doesn’t help. Supposed to come with a five year guarantee, but I keep having to get people to push me up hills. Norman never did trust this modern rubbish, and I guess he were right after all.

Anyways, it were lovely to hear your voice on Tuesday, but I have to admit I didn’t really know what the bloody hell you were on about. What were all that nonsense about a Facebook group dedicated to finding me? Bloody rude looking into my affairs if you know what I mean – after all, curiosity killed the cat, and besides: why the hell would you have a book on your face?

Still, I guess it keeps them off the streets.

Honestly Spud, you should see the state of some of these hotels. The first one I stayed at this week had a spider’s web in every corner and the manager wouldn’t even move me. Said I should consider myself bloody lucky to even be alive. Well, I showed him I did – left without bloody paying and have no intention of going back neither.

Going on the second day were much easier, what with gravity giving me a hand down all those hills. Stopped at a pond in Altnafeadh and nearly got savaged by some Canada Geese, but a few waves of me collapsing zimmer frame shooed them off in a hurry.

Then Wednesday night I stayed in this B&B what had a bloodhound for a pet. They must have been just letting it loose and peeing in all the rooms, coz I had troubles with me respiration all night and you know how the smell of dog piss affects my breathing. Still the manager’s son were quite cute: and if I’d been sixty years younger I’m sure his charming ways would have won me over.

Still, I had to carry on with me journey, or else what would Norman have said? He were always a tower of strength were Norman. So I sets off on Thursday to Adochlay, which is on the banks of Loch Lomond, only my mobility scooter got stuck on the railroad tracks and I had to be pulled out by this bloke who had one of those Victorian moustaches – you know: the ones that look like they would still be perfect under fifty foot of water and covered in sea shells?

Oh well, I arrived safe and sound here in Dumbarton this morning and have no intention of moving until Monday. Right proper B&B this is and the food is lovely – they don’t even make a fuss when you ask for the salt and pepper.

Take care




Poliz cum round again

Wantd 2 no abt that nite wot you come with me to the casba club

Sed u took package from Tosser? Sumthin abt him givin u sum powder inna jar?

Mags – wot u got urself into?



the watercats said...

marvellous to know the pixie is still alive! and this story is getting more and more rivetting by the week.... powder in a jar huh!?.... hhhmmmmmmmm...
good luck with everything, job searchy wise. Course, you could always use the lull as a reason to concentrate on writing, this little story sounds as good as any of the drama's on the radio. That's how I read it actually, thinking about it, like it's been dramatised, it even has a funny little theme tune at the beginning.. (just noticed that too)... hhhmmmmmmm..... :-)

Argent said...

Top-of-the-range wordzzling! Maggie's voice is really strong now. Maybe the Waterkits should do the thattune. If I remember right, this idea was originally meant for a TV drama or the like. Will put you on Mr Linky as soon as it comes up.

Akelamalu said...

Wonderful, amusing and I totally forgot to look for the wordzzle words I was so engrossed! :)

bettygram said...

Enjoying this story. What a journey.

Dr.John said...

You have created a marvelous character.
Each week she gets more interesting.
Glad your sticking with it.

Raven said...

This story is pure genius. I love how you used come with me to the Casbah. I'm so sorry about your job worries and lack of computer access. Wish I was rich and could send you a bundle of cash but alas, all I can send is good wishes.

The Benefit... I'm sure it will be a brilliant novel.

Don't Feed The Pixies said...

Thanks all - just at the library (again) and shaking a proverbial fist at all things user logon related!

Watercats - thanks. The writing is going ok at the moment and i would love to hear the theme tune

Argent - thanks for the help again

Akelamalu - thank you for visiting and glad you enjoyed.

Bettygram - thanks again.

Dr John - Maggie's kinda been with me for a while, but she keeps surprising me!

Raven - I'm sure things will work out - its just a shame that the pope went and banished the concept of limbo, cos that's where i am right now! i think it says a lot about my current state of mind that The Benefit has turned out quite stark and violent!!