Thursday, 6 August 2009

Yet Another Movie

So just recently i've been playing around with my camera phone and trying to work out which way is up (more complicated than you might think) and I made a couple of videos for you which I wanted to share.

The first is an example of how close we are to somewhere beautiful if we just know where to look - either side of this road in the video are main roads with lots of houses...and yet here we are: in the middle of all this suburban drawl, with open fields and a downhill to die for.

Most people who go cycling complain about the uphills - I love them. Why? Because you always get rewarded for an uphill by a view you really feel you've earned and, sooner or later, by a freewheeling downhill. I'm going about 26 miles per hour here - so this should give you an idea why I love cycling


Secondly - for those of you in need of a moment of pure, unadulterated awwww factor - here is a cat that can ramp the cuteness meter up beyond eleven. Just recently Tiny has been steering clear of me. Might be because the last time she came looking for fuss I picked her up, stuffed her in a bag, took her on a bumpy journey and then handed her over to a strange woman who stuck needles in her. That kind of thing affects your relationship.

With perfect timing though she came looking for fuss this morning just as my alarm went off: this was taken before the Booster-Injection-Incident.



Lydia said...

First vid = glorious ride! beautiful countryside!
Second vid = Tiny is dreamy! I hope she forgets the booster shots real soon because it's terrible for her to withhold that kind of lovin' from you (I've never heard the word fuss used that way!).

Don't Feed The Pixies said...

Lydia - that's quite odd to read!

Here fuss can mean making a fuss and bother or wanting to be fussed and made centre of attention. Tiny definately expects that!

the watercats said...

ahhh.. downhill on a bike... (the only bits I liked) Why does that road look familier?.. you in Lincolnshire somwhere perchance? As for the poohcat.. she's a loverly thing.. Been contemplating getting a cat lately.. it seems silly us being watercats and having all dogs.. there lies the problem, they have taken to playing kill the ferral cat whenever they get the chance at the farm up the road.. uber-training would be called for.. or a reeaalllly.. reallly hard cat!

Argent said...

Aaaww what a cute cat! Like the bike ride too, got a real feeling of rushing along, bumps and all.

Don't Feed The Pixies said...

watercats - not lincolnshire. We have a lot of countryside that looks similar here!

Tricky if you have dogs that don't like cats...

Argent - glad you enjoyed

Michael said...

Awesome ride. Why are there hedges so close to the road? Are many of your roads like that? I'd love to drive down that road on a winter night, snow swirling, vision to the end of my headlights, white canyons on either side, ...

p.s. your cat has a big nose!