Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Internal Conversations (or how my memory chooses to work)

Oh good grief what a dull day
You should buy yourself a chocolate bar
No, no I shouldn’t – I’m trying to keep to a diet
Yes, but you deserve a chocolate bar after today
Look, it’s only half-an-hour till I get home now, I can make it without chocolate
Half-an-hour on a bus with bad music playing loudly from a mobile phone – chocolate will make you feel good
For about 10 minutes, then I’ll feel really bad for having given in
Yeah, but chocolate – where’s the downside?
I really should save the money
Go on, go on, go on – mmmm chocolate. After all, it’s your first bar today.
Oh very well, it’s only 50p or so. (Later, having purchased and eaten chocolate bar) hang on you liar! I had a bar this morning!
Ha, ha, ha! I win again!


raccoonlover1963 said...

Too funny! Chocolate always wins!

Tammy said...

Thanks for the warm get well wishes on my blog.

You should definetly eat the chocolate.

soulbrush said...

chocolate is so damned sinful, and it doesn't like me, but i looove it!!!

Anonymous said...

Here's how the conversation goes for my wife:

"Oh good grief what a dull day. I think I'll buy some chocolate."

Chocolate never gets a word in . . .

Don't Feed The Pixies said...

Thanks Lisa, Tammy, soulbrush - glad to know i have your permission to eat chocolate

tysdaddy - yep, sometimes the conversation is much, much shorter!

Lydia said...

Thank you for printing the silent words that are behind the stark, starving expression in my husband's eyes when he's reaching into the candy cabinet! (For me, it's these ginger-almond cookies in the natural foods aisle.....)

Honour said...

They say some have a sweet tooth (chocolate) others have a salty tooth (chips) and ... I -- my weakness is pastries. Pies. Turnovers. Flaky crust. Strudels. That's what I crave at the end of the day.
p.s. I hope you know I was teasing about the "two-person" tent - aimed at the industry not at you ... I wouldn't have made the joke unless I knew you were the kind of person who would indulge me :) you should check out lydia's comment at the end of my other posting - she has taken your arctic explorer idea and turned it into a play!

Don't Feed The Pixies said...

lydia - ginger is lovely in all its forms. My true weakness lies in Pringles, but chocolate shouts louder.

Honour - chips or crisps? Its so confusing, but both have their moments. I thought the two-man comment was fair enough and amusing and loved lydia's idea for a play - but who gets copyright? Plus it sounds like the sort of thing Samuel Beckett would have written! (the play with the woman buried in sand springs to mind)

Lydia said...

Oh, you get the copyright. I get a front-row ticket to the play on opening night!

Anonymous said...

That was funny. In response to Honour: I have a salty tooth. I hate candy. Except for Blowpops.

Anonymous said...

P.S: Oh, and are you talking about the Sonar thing in his eyes? He only used once and destroyed it afterwards because Lucius Fox (Freeman) was saying that that was a dangerous and corrupted tool to have, they are not in the business of spying on everyone and only used it that time because they had an emergency (a psychopathic killer to catch).

Honour said...

dear me - what are crisps?

clandestine - i like chips too. only if they're pringles

CaBaCuRl said...

Internal conversations are always a lose/lose situation in my experience, & a terrible consumer of energy.
If you'd like to see a visual representation of (what I think is) an internal conversation, go to http://www.thearchibaldprize.com.au/finalists/archibald & scroll down 6 rows to the portrait of Heath Ledger.

Don't Feed The Pixies said...

Ah - the international divide. In the UK "crisps" are what are sold by Walkers and Pringles in packets.

Chips are what the USA refer to as French Fries and are sold in chip shops

Cabucarl - thanks for the link. I can't get it to work right now, but i will keep trying (computer going very slow)

Lisa Allender said...

This Blog is sooo amusing! I love chips AND chocolate--and YES! Atlanta's Lenox Mall Macy's old "Cellar Cafe' " used to sell those(chocolate-covered potato chips!)!
I found you through Writerquake. I also checked out Lisa's Spot, which you have listed in your Blog-roll, and "God's Blessings", from her Blog-roll.
Nice connections, and good communion, all 'round......
Peace, lady.

Jenny said...

Haha the funniest conversation ever! It is indeed hard to resist eating a choco bar.
Chips is really tasty too, especially Pringles with the sour cream and onion-taste! :)