Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Save The Cheerleeder, Save The World

Whilst I’m in the mood for fun and games here’s another Drabble competition – only this time to give myself a fighting chance my 100 words won’t start until after the rules. Normal service on DFTP will resume after this:

1) As before entries should try to be exactly 100 words – but don’t worry if not
2) Topic is – If I could have a super-power, I’d have…
3) You must give yourself a superhero name
4) You can’t be an existing superhero, though you can use one of their powers (IE you can’t be Superman/girl, but you can have X-Ray vision)
5) Silly suggestions welcome – so if you chose to be The Amazing Flatulence Boy so be it
6) You must have one weakness and an arch-enemy (Presumably Amazing Flatulence Boy would have Baked-Beans Woman, or Air-Freshener Man as an enemy)
7) Would you wear a costume, if so what and how would you hide your real identity?
8) You can have up to 3 crime-fighting gadgets to help you (this is optional)
9) Ideally you should say if you would fight crime – or to what use you would put your power
10) As previously numbers written as “27” count as one word, hyphenation is two
11) I’ll allow a couple of days for responses and may put another post up inbetween
12) As before, lets have lots of ideas and suggestions - more than one entry per person allowed and a special mention to anyone who makes me laugh outloud

Here’s my entry below:

I’d be Linguisto – able to understand and use any language I hear, see or read. I would travel the world translating, negotiating and teaching. I wouldn’t fight crime, but I would volunteer for charities and the Police. My enemy would be Captain Confusion and my weakness is that when I eat cheese I can only speak Belgian. I would wear spandex with the flags of the world and disguise myself with a fake hearing aid.

My gadget would be a computer that can find anyone, alive or dead, and return them to their family – if they wish to be returned.


I’d be Captain Fish, with my trusty sidekick Plankton Boy, fighting marine-based crime with specially sharpened throwing trout. My enemy would be Stair Lift Man, who would make his getaways extremely sedately. I would wear a gill-themed costume and my weakness would be fresh water, soy sauce and Penguins.

Together with Plankton Boy, who is really a girl who was found and raised by friendly Mackerel, we would rid the world of whaling and seal fur traders, in between providing scientific data on endangered sea creatures to ecologists around the world.

My catch-phrase would be “Behold The Trout Of Doom!”


Pixie said...

Great idea, but no time to play. But I'd of course have to be perfect purple pixie... the mind boggles, so I'm off to pack instead.

Honour said...

good lord, you're hilarious. will play later, though!

The Clandestine Samurai said...

When is the Drabble due? And why does the second idea remind me of SpongeBob Squarepants so much?

Don't Feed The Pixies said...

Shall we say Tuesday?

Yeah, i know - Captain Fish is quite close to SpongeBob, but it's a name that continues to amuse

Jenny said...

I would be Nora Underhill – invisible whenever I feel the need to hide. I would solve crimes, by following criminals. My enemy would be Rosie Posie with her lovely smelling but deadly poisonous pies. My weakness is that I have to eat non-stop 24 hours a day. Otherwise my super powers do not work properly. I would just wear normal clothes cause then I would melt in, in the visible world, when I am back to being visible.
My gadget would be super strength pills and turbo shoes, with which I can run up to 300 km per hour.