Monday, 18 April 2011

New Experiments In Hi-Fi

OK - so for those of you who don't already know about 12 months ago now I started learning the saxophone.  One of the frustrations of which has been trying to find a way to record it.  I tried the vocal mike that we've had since Time Imemorium, but frankly the sound was like a combination of 1,000 Bumble Bees farting and one of those Electronic synth sounds you used to find on Bontemi keyboards in the 1980s (work out for yourself which would be the worse sound)

However, Argent was kind enough to lend me a small microphone and, after some experimenting with locale I established that a good place for said mike was clipped to my neck strap.  Then, after much shouting and swearing at Soundcloud (which apparently doesn't like my web browser) I eventually managed to upload this - which is me playing one of the trio's that we practice in our lessons.  You'll have to excuse the low notes being a bit poor - but its a new mouthpiece (my excuse of the month, after the chap who serviced my Sax told me the old mouthpiece was causing "tuning issues")

Ancient Hymn
Ancient hymn by Don't Feed The Pixies

I've also been experimenting with a free recording package called Audacity.  It's not really designed for recording songs, so does have limitations when it comes to mixing - but for sheer simpleness it wins over others that I've tried, so until I win the lottery and immediately buy Q-Base (industry standard recording package) it will more than do for the kind of nonsense I record.

Here then is a simple blues song I came up with recently - based around the main riff you can hear.  The lyrics are just the right side of cheese I think

I Don't Need No Doctor
I Don't Need No Doctor by Don't Feed The Pixies


The Bug said...

These are great! LOVE the blues song - it's one of the genres I like best & you did a great job with it :)

Lydia said...

Hey, you have a really saxy sound! Have no reason to be, but I'm proud of you for doing so well with the sax. I guess it's because I actually do remember when you began. I still have not done anything with my violin...a sign of depression as much as anything...I maybe do need a doctor!

Argent said...

Haha, I certainly recognise that trio! I really love the guitar work on the blues song and there's nowt wrong with a nice ripe slice of cheese!

Don't Feed The Pixies said...

Bug - the blues are the root of most modern music. You can't beat the blues

Lydia - thanks for that. Violin should be on my list somewhere i think - it is worth the effort of practice for the eventual rewards

Argent - mmmmmm, cheese

the watercats said...

loving that blues song, you have a mark knopfler mumbly voice thing going which is cool :-) and anyone who can be arsed to learn the saxaphone is a hero by any any standards! cubase needn't cost a packet, we got cubase le4 free with the firewire box (inspire 1394)we bought, along with a piano and drum software (which we don't use), the whole lot cost us €95 off of the music store site.. best thing we ever bought!

Michael said...

If I had any musical ability I think I would make a song like this.

Don't Feed The Pixies said...

watercats - i'll have to have a look around on the interweb then

Michael - thanks, it was fun to write

Anonymous said...

Does the song say "I don't need no lawyer, cause' I always pay my Jews"? or "always pay my dues"?

Don't Feed The Pixies said...

Samurai - hmmm, wondering now if i shouldn't have put the lyrics afterwards

It's "Dues" mate