Wednesday, 12 January 2011

The Magpie Wordzzle Poetry Bus Triple

The Bad Karma Revenge Song

When your next-door neighbour rushes in and steals your parking space
When your partner’s keeping secrets, but its too clear on their face
When disaster falls and kicks you in a very private place
You may feel like you should go insane, but there’s so much more at stake

Though you’d like to kill the doctor, who said your health was trash
And you know you shouldn’t celebrate, when his practice starts to crash
When you have the choice to kill your boss, but you know you must back down
Even though on every single day, he makes you act just like a clown

Yes it’s hard to be a Buddhist when you’re aching for revenge
Though you feel the anger burning, you will have to make amends
You can do some chanting later, whilst in your dreams you have a gun
You should wish them better karma, but time flies when you’re having fun

When the clouds have come and settled and left you in dismay
You can dream about the lottery, but you wont win it today
Though you should be seeking clarity, when they’re knocking down your house
And you feel like your life’s played with, like a cat with a toy mouse

Yes it’s hard to be a Buddist, when your anger starts to lurch
And you know that you can’t kill them, but it wont hurt to research
When the shipping forecast of your life says you will see a stormy sky
Just dream of all the carnage, as you watch their entrails fry


Argent said...

Ingenius! You should record it!

Sioux Roslawski said...

This was definitely an ambitious Magpie. Wow!

thingy said...

Ha! Namaste.

Mary said...

Yow - lots more lives for that Buddhist! lol

Marion said...

Freakin' awesome! I love that you combined Magpie with the other two. Ingenious. Bad Karma, indeed!


Don't Feed The Pixies said...

Friko - i saw your comment about this post on my other blog. I got majorly confused as to which i was adding to, so thanks for commenting. I have now eaten and calmed down!

Arent - it might sound suspiciously like previous songs - need to be more original!

Sioux - cheers for visiting

Thingy - and good karma to you too!

Mary - as long as next time around i'm rich or a cat

Marion - the poetry bus came first, then i started wondering if i could include the words and when i saw the magpie prompt it all seemed to click!

The Bug said...

I love this! Now you've challenged me to maybe try it next time :)

Helen said...

Good karma ~ your Magpie!

Cad said...

Can't beat a bit of carnage! LOL

Deborah said...

Brilliant ... and wonderful to read aloud!

Raven said...


Tess Kincaid said...

Interesting write. I think we've all been there.

Emerging Writer said...

It's hard to be a buddist. Thanks for letting out your inner-ness and welcome on board

Titus said...

I loved that! I am going to memorise whole sections of it. Starting with the last verse.

Jingle said...

powerful writing.
believe in what you believe, have fun.

ZephyrInk said...

the whole thing is very well written, but the last stanza is my absolute favorite.

Tumblewords: said...

Still laughing - karma's a slippery beast...

Lucy Westenra said...

Entertaining and wryly funny. Thank you.

Lydia said...

Argent said it exactly right!

I am sosososososo impressed with this (and also the fact that it is a "three-banger").


Don't Feed The Pixies said...

bug - you should definately have a go for the triple

Helen - ta

Cad - indeed not!

Deborah - for some reason my songs seem to come out Country stylee at the moment, so imagine Tammy Whynott and you're halfway there

Raven - cheers

Tess - indeed, though clearly this is not from personal experience!

Emerging Writer - thanks for a great promt. As soon as i saw the "revenge" theme i started thinking about karma

Titus - be careful where you sing it then!

Jingle - thanks. Actually i have a lot of respect for Buddhists, which probably doesn't come over so well in the song!

Zephyrink - yeah, people seem to like that last stanza!

Tumblewords - thanks for visiting and laughing along

Lucy - thanks.

Lydia - ommmm!

Anonymous said...

You have to back down from killing your boss?
Dammit, that's where I went wrong.......

The word verification for this comment was "subcanto". I feel like this is a word, but probably because "sub" and "canto" are well used syllabi (yes, I am aware that 'can' and 'to' are their own syllables).