Monday, 9 August 2010

The Poetry Bus Returns

This week's challenge, as ever sponsored by Total Feckin Eejit (probably the greatest the worrrrrld - you have to imagine Rutger Hauer doing the ad, it's that good) is brought to you by Revolutionary Revelry who asked us, amongst other things, to think of a sensory memory to do with summer

And I nearly missed the bus again thanks to my usual woolgathering and scattergun thoughts - then i thought about something that happened to me one June day in what we Brits laughingly refer to as "summer" and for some reason, unexplainable to the mortal eye, also found myself much in the styling of Bob (he's a musician) Dylan - prompt cards for the video are optional.

Subterranean Stormcloud Blues

June day
bike ride
looking for the right sign
hot day
Gonna get me outside

Lookout June, come too soon, gonna take my bike, gonna take it for a ride
Lookout you, went too soon, see the clouds arising when you thought the sun was shinin

chase me home
sky is helter-skelter
cold rain
brain drain
looking for a shelter

Lookout June, caught you too, going on a bike ride thinking you were clever
Lookout you, come too soon, aught to know better than to ever trust the weather


Gwei Mui said...

This really does need to be sung :)

Don't Feed The Pixies said...

try to imagine the Dylan singing it and you'll be there

You beat me too it - was going to add another verse that ended: clean your chain up later/throw your clothes on the radiator - or something like that!

And it should have been called Subterranean Hailstone Blues, but there you go!

Rachel Fox said...


The Bug said...

I like it! We went south to visit our folks in North Carolina last week. End of July in the southern US - I didn't pack any long pants. And then was cold the whole time. The weather was MOCKING me, I'm sure of it!

Erratic Thoughts said...

I am a June girl, but that's not the only reason i liked this...
It was so refreshing...:)

Argent said...

Yeah, I can just imagine Bob doing this one! Cleverly constructed and fun!

Totalfeckineejit said...

This must be a song, surely it's a song?When we gonna hear you sing the song that demands to be sung? Better than Bob, Ilkiesit!

Next bus driving day available id Sep 20th.Would that be ok? Be brillo have ye drive again!

Jessica Maybury said...

is it wrong that I really want to try and play this with my mandolin and the 3 chords I know??? good idea bad idea? I could post a video...

Lydia said...

Oh yeah, I was singing to these words, most definitely. Loved it.

If the global weather keeps warming your summers will soon be like ours and ours will be like Southern California's and Southern California's will be like the Sahara and the Sahara will be like friggin' Mars!

Don't Feed The Pixies said...

Rachel - thanks

Bug - i bought two pairs of shorts for the summer. it rained. I went on holiday where they have nine months of sun - it rained. Spotting the pattern?

Erratic - thanks

Argent - but only if he went electric

TFE - maybe i will try and record it for next week?

Jessica - would be honoured if you recorded it

Lydia - if i'm right about global warming then UKs weather will in the short term merge into one season with more random weather and we'll lose the "gulf strait" that keeps us warm

Jeanne Iris said...

Great!! I could hear the guitar strumming along as I read this. Thank you for your very British June memory.
Amazing, but the two times I've visited England, it was hot and sunny. Oh, but those times were both in July.
; )

NanU said...

That's a neat one, pixie-starver!

Friko said...

definitely needs music to set it off properly. Good lyrics,
get composing!

Don't Feed The Pixies said...

Jeanne - sometimes we get sunshine for whole hours at a time!

Seriously - we do get some good weather, it's just you learn to know better than to trust it

Nanu - thanks

Friko - i may still put this to the tune that this was inspired by

Titus said...

Sung it all the way! Great one.
Raining again today here...