Saturday, 19 September 2009

Wordzzle and Eejit poem

Just because I am completely bloody minded I have decided to attempt two challenges for the price of one:

Firstly Raven’s Wordzzle:

The wordzzle was set by my friend Argent over at Delusions of Adequacy so it would be plain rude not to have a go. Meanwhile Total Fecking Eejit (people’s lost republic of Eejit) requires people to post a poem each Monday – this week the subject being Home (inspired by the legendary Bruce Springsteen and his song “My Hometown”). As today is Saturday and I can’t be in two places at once then I can only apologise to the Eejit for a pre-emptive strike!

So please find below my lyrics for a new song vaguely relating to home using the Wordzzle words: dangerous, engine, sullenly, bespoke, evergreen, bauble, medicine, freight, destined, tinsel, carbon, feelers, outright, ballet, fizzing

Apologies to all human kind as we know it for the result – and especially to Brucie, because I thought it would be fun to try and write in a kinda Thunder Road type of way.

NB: it is more or less obligatory to have one of the following in a Springsteen song:
* a girl called Mary or Janey, or Mary Janey,
* a dead-end town,
* some reference to cars,
* people from working class backgrounds,
* the sound of brakes screeching on the flipside of the American dream
* a vague whiff of hope
* If you can squeeze in a desperate sounding harmonica solo then you're fully there.

(I should probably mention that I really do like Springsteen, or BS as he’s known to his friends!)

Tommy sold double-glazing, for the Evergreen company
Got so tired of conservatories, felt like he would never be free
Spent his nights going nowhere, in a carbon-monoxide dream
Just another tiny bauble, spat right out of the corporate machine

He and Janey road the subway, made sweet music to the engine’s sound
Guess they knew it was dangerous, still they kept hanging around
Freight train crossing over, destined to never come their way again
Janey got herself pregnant, that was when they became more than friends

Oh Janey, take your medicine, you have to suffer if you want your dream
Keep dreaming of your life like a ballet, it might help to quell the scream
And I know we may never get there, I may not get us to the promised-land
But maybe we’ll build us a home here, if you will only just take my hand

Tommy kept on putting out feelers, to find somewhere just right
But still they would haunt their corridors, Janey barely slept each night
Sullenly she’d cling to him, till their love was nearly worn away
And when they were tired he’d sing to her, tell her outright it would be ok

“We’ll buy a bespoke dream dressed in tinsel, I know we’ll make it out sometime”
And he’d smile at the stars still fizzing, and know it wasn’t just a line
And one day soon they may wake up, and the world will lay at their command
But sometimes they still ride the subway, as they head into the promised land

Trapped in this dying town, falling deeper into sin
No matter what you done, home is where they have to let you in


Argent said...

Hehe, Amazing! I never could have woven all that together into a song, not in a million years. Those words were wild but yo ta,ed them.

Dr.John said...

A tip of my hat.
I thought I had seen every wordzzle use and then you come along with this.
Wow! Great
Welcome to the wordzzle group.

Raven said...

Bravo!!! Well done! Tour de force. And you have slayed two memes in one.

Lydia said...

You are so amazing. Really, this is the stuff of genius. You're on fire, Hungry Pixie!

the watercats said...

tttssskk.. clever dicks everywhere this morning! nicely executed.. like the bruce take... suitably american tones and undercurrants of a good b road movie :-)... envious-ness.... i has it! :-D

Don't Feed The Pixies said...

ALL: thanks all - i must admit i didn't really know what to do with these words, but when Eejit mentioned Springsteen they just seemed to fit into his verbose style.

I'm not entirely convinced that each and every line scans and could be sung - may have to try finding chords. NB: you have to imagine the plinky-plonky keyboards and the drums coming in after the first four lines etc etc

Rachel Fox said...

Nice to squeeze some Frost in too.

Jeanne Iris said...
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Jeanne Iris said...

Love it! Is this accompanied by a guitar, banjo, piano, synthesizer or 35 piece orchestra? Any of the above would do, I think.

mrsnesbitt said...

I can picture Brucie strutting his stuff whilst singing this! Encore!

Don't Feed The Pixies said...

Rachel - thanks for visiting and comment!

Jeanne - thanks for comments. Put whatever orchestration you feel suits best - my personal feeling is that Bruce would only use "real" musicians, not synths, but he may yet surprise me!

Mrs Nesbitt - i can't believe how much people have taken to this post - all just a bit of fun. Thanks for visiting!

Niamh B said...

Love the bridge - seriously

Trapped in this dying town, falling deeper into sin
No matter what you done, home is where they have to let you in

shiver inducing. Thanks

Totalfeckineejit said...

Totally Bruceliscious,especially as you were incorporating two ideas into one.Agree with Nianh about the bridge.Not so keen on straitjackets limitations strings but despite that you pulled it off for sure.could really make a song ,I'd like to hear the unlimited finished product.Deadly.Thanks a million for joining in.Can we feed them now,they're hungry!

Titus said...

I am somewhat bedazzled by this, and actually can imagine Bruce singing it. Bravo you.

DawnTreader said...

I always stand in awe of people who manage to make poetry out of the wordzzles. And now something that at least looks like it could be sung, too. Bravo!

Don't Feed The Pixies said...

Niamh - thanks :)

TFE - thanks. I know what you mean: i was seriously worried i was biting off too much - but once you've started down the path of madness everything starts to make a wierd kinda sense!

Titus/Dawn Treader - if you imagine a kinda slower "This Hard Land" - i think thats the Bruce Springsteen song it sounds most like :)

Stephen said...

I enjoyed reading the song. It sounded like something Bruce Springsteen might really do.

Stephen from Scottsdale, Arizona, USA