Thursday, 9 October 2008

In Celebration of National Poetry Day

Textual Frustration
By The Hungry Pixie

I’ve been sending emails till I broke my mouse
Formatting my documents in my office and my house
Filling up my inbox till I finally go insane
Reading all the adverts till the words dance in my brain
Just another number in another hall
An information block in a communications wall

I’m textually frustrated,
Foaming at the mouth from all these words
Textually frustrated,
Another silent message that no one has heard

Got a system warning from a distant man
Adding up to a lifetime’s worth of spam
An add for Viagra makes me lose my esteem
Can I really grow hair back if I use this cream?

I’m textually frustrated
An isolated contact from a distant machine
Textually frustrated
An internet connection can’t fulful my dream

Won’t you share a text with me there’s nothing wrong
With a little exploration while my firewall’s on

I’m Textually frustrated
Weighed down by these spreadsheets till my eyeballs groan
Textually frustrated
Overblown with contact, but still sleeping alone

(c) HP 2008
NB: this was originally written as a joke song, but i could never find the right chords


Anonymous said...

An anarchist would dam it all to hell,
then blow up the monitor and office as well.

Lydia said...

That's a really catchy poem, fun and sad at the same time.

Don't Feed The Pixies said...

samuria - i guess they would at that. Guess i'm just not cut out for Anarchy In The UK (though it is a great song!)

lydia - if you imagine a Crowded House kinda vibe then that's how it sounds in my head. Glad you liked xx

This Brazen Teacher said...

I love the "about" section of your blog :-)

raccoonlover1963 said...

Great post. Love the poem. Gotta work on the music to go with it! LOL

Michael said...

I bet you could whip up a tune, record, and post us a song one day. That would be cool.

Don't Feed The Pixies said...

Brazen teacher - thanks for the visit and the comment. I will return the favour.

Lisa - yes, it was really frustrating. I can hear it in my head, but the chords don't quite seem to fit

Michael - maybe i will do that with another song...but be warned: opinion is divided on my singing: i say i can, everyone else says i can't...

Jenny Bah said...

Haha totally awesome! :)
Textually frustrated, I feel the same way.