Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Falling Just The Wrong Side Of Brilliance

I just went into the toilet at work and discovered that someone has had the bright idea of installing a soap-dispenser into each individual cubicle.

Which initially might seem like a good idea (improve hygiene etc), until you realise that – having squeezed soap all over your hands – you now have to somehow open the locked cubicle door and get over to the sink (where we already have wall-mounted dispensers) before you can wash the stuff off your hands - unless, of course, one is supposed to wash in the toilet bowl?

A moot point considering the dispenser was empty.

So close to being a great idea…and yet so far!


Anonymous said...

A critique on design and structure.

I generally have a problem with the sink being so far from from the stalls. And shouldn't hands be wet before applying the soap? I guess that's where the toilet water comes in...but I mean.....toilet water??

This structure is also rejected by the fact that bodily waste doesn't always completely flush away. So then installing sinks in the stalls would be the next thought, but that would be a huge waste of resource to install sinks in and out of the stalls.


Honour said...

Perhaps it's not intended to be a soap dispenser? But the alcohol hand wash sanitizers? In all of our health institutions here - they are in every room, every hallway, by every door, even in meeting rooms. If it actually HAD that in it - that would make sense to me ... (public health, that's my field of work!)