Friday, 28 May 2021

Fillum Reviews

Ever since Ted & Dougal protested against the blasphemous Passion Of St Tibulous in the hillarious sit-com Father Ted I've insisted on using the Irish pronounciation of the word Film (fill-um) so as I'm going to review two films set in Ireland now seemed a good time to use that alternate spelling as well - the connection between both films is that they are rooted in the process of making and recording music

Fullum #1
Sing Street

Conor "Cosmo" Lawlor is a young Irish lad in the 80s whose life takes a turn for the worse when, due to his family's monetary issues, is forced to transfer to a strict Catholic school run by priests (worth noting that the main priest also played a priest in Father Ted).  Unable to afford shoes he is picked out by the teachers and by the bullies alike until in an attempt to impress a girl he claims to be in a band and want her to star in a video.

All he needs now is a band and some songs.

The film then shows the journey as Cosmo makes friends with a small group of musicians (including one who looks a lot like he's meant to be The Edge as he was in the 80s), tries on costumes and a range of musical styles until he finds his own all the while trying to win the girls heart.

This is a good, fun film that really captures the excitement of being in a band with some great tunes and some laughs along the way

Fullum #2

I've been wanting to see this film since I saw this youtube video of a street musician singing Falling Slowly with Glen Hansard (star of the film and co-writer of the song with his fellow star Markita Iglova) 

It tells the story of a dissilusioned Irish street musician who meets a Czech immigrant who persuades him to give his music one more try as together their lives intertwine.  This is a lovely film, shot to feel intimate, as two seperate lives intertwine and influence each other.  Both of the leads are excellent and again the songs are strong.

NB: as both films are a few years old you may struggle to find them but they are well worth seeking out

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